Best Apartment Dogs | Your Guide for Best Dogs for Apartment Living

Looking for Dogs for Apartments? Here is your Guide for Best Dogs for Apartment Living

Just because you live in an apartment does not mean you won’t find dogs for apartments. Dogs for apartments are very common and the best apartment dogs come in different sizes. You’re not locked in on a small breed vs a large breed. In this article we’ll go over the best dogs for apartment living.

Just because you live in an apartment does not mean you won’t find dogs for apartments. Dogs for apartments are very common and the best apartment dogs come in different sizes. You’re not locked in on a small breed vs a large breed. In this article we’ll go over the best dogs for apartment living.

Facts About Best Dogs for Apartments - Quiet, Lifestyle, Bladder Control

We tend to refer the best apartments dogs as the quiet laid back, and easy to train dogs. When a dogs behaves or is naturally laid back it makes the whole processing of living with a dog in the apartment easy.

When looking for the best dog breeds for apartments you’ll want to consider your own lifestyle. If you’re an active person you will want to have an apartment dog that is more outgoing.

It’s also important that the best dogs for apartment living can hold their bladder. You’ll need to teach your apartment dog to not urinate in the apartment when you can’t them out for a walk. You can always potty train them with pee pads.

Just in case if your apartment dogs have dog grass allergy symptoms then keeping your dogs for apartments would make more sense than keeping your dog in a back yard. Here are some natural home remedies for dog grass allergy.

What Makes The Best Apartment Dogs?

The best apartment dogs are the ones that are most similar with your life style. If you are a laid back type of person then you’ll need to look for apartment dogs that are laid back just like you. Also, the size of your apartment can matter because if you have a small, mid, or large breed dog then you’ll want to make sure you have the space for them.

Types of Dogs for Apartments

Here is a quick list on what Paws Elite believes makes the best apartment dogs. Dogs for apartments can be defined as hypoallergenic, low energy level or pocket sized.  

Hypoallergenic dogs don’t shed at all or shed very little while at the same time having very little pet dander. This makes them safe for humans who have allergies.

Low-energy dogs are not overly active and don’t have high maintenance like constant walks and etc… These types of dog breeds for apartments are ideal for those who have busy lives.

Pocket sized dog breeds for apartments are great because they don’t require a lot of space. If you live in a small apartment then the best apartment dogs would be smaller breeds.

Apartment Dogs Personality Traits

When choosing dogs for apartments you’ll need to look for certain personality traits like trainability, barking factor, size, adaptability, and energy level. These personality traits speak for themselves, but you could imagine what a difference they would make for your lifestyle and for your neighbors.

Best Dog Breeds for Apartments

When choosing the best apartment dogs, you’ll want to remember that dogs come in different sizes and behaviors. You’ll want to focus on apartment dogs that are east to train so they don’t cause you any trouble in your apartment. Here the best dogs for apartment living:

·        Pugs
·        Boston terrier
·        Yorkshire terrier
·        Great Dane
·        Chihuahua
·        Greyhounds
·        Mastiff
·        Beagle
·        Basset Hound
·        Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Small Apartment Dogs

If you’re limited on space and still looking for the best apartment dogs then here is a list of small breed dogs for apartments:

·        Bichon Frise
·        Brussels Griffon
·        Lhasa Apso
·        Shiba Inu

Looking for Best Apartment Dogs That Don’t Shed?

·        Minature Shnauzer
·        Standard Poodle
·        Maltese
·        Yorkshire terriers
·        Havanese
·        Poodles

Tips on Taking Care of Dogs for Apartments

When taking care of best apartment dogs you’ll want to make sure you’re on top of cleaning duties, exercising your dogs, taking your dog on park visits, and getting your dog familiar with your surroundings. Remember you can always purchase a cage for your dogs to stay in when you're not home in your apartment. 

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