Giveaway Time!

Hi there!

How are things?

It’s been busy here for me that’s for sure.  I’ve officially been taking over as housekeeper at the hotel (my parents say “head of household”).  Ha!  I’ve been enjoying my days of getting up and having coffee then starting cleaning once guests check-out.  Unfortunately I’m not running lately because it’s so smoky here in the area.  Smoky

So I’ve been trying to get exercise by cleaning quickly, running up and down the stairs to the basement to do laundry and yesterday I started a 30 Abs, Arms and Squats challenge.

I’ve definitely been enjoying being so active during my day as opposed to sitting at a desk all day.  Besides being more active throughout the day (sans running) my mom and I have been exploring the area together when we get some free time.  Wallace, Idaho is a beautiful area and its very active too from the Trail of the Coeur d’ Alenes, Hiawatha Trail, Pulaski Trail and various tours.

Biking the Hiawatha TrailHiawatha

Hiking the Pulaski TrailTunnel Sign

Informational Sign

Mine TourTrolley


I came across this quote while reading Life Is A Do-Over by Cindy Clemens last night.  I had so many changes this summer in my life and this quote really hit me.Quote

Since I’m up in North Idaho hanging with my parents, I thought it’s time to share one of the Northwest’s specialties…HUCKLEBERRIES!  If you don’t know what a huckleberry is then let me help you out.  The berries are small, about half of a blueberry, they are tart and very purply.  They grow on bushes and you can go up the mountain and hope to not run into a bear and pick some.  They are small and time consuming to pick which makes them expensive too.  During an hour pick, we got about a snack size ziploc bag full (not much at all) so I understand why they are pricy.  I want to share one of my favorites (besides huckleberry ice cream – which I can’t mail easily) which is huckleberry syrup.

Giveaway Time!  Leave a comment letting me know what you would put Huckleberry Syrup in and I’ll randomly pick a winner this Friday 8/28.



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Weekend Recap

Hi there!

How was your weekend?

Mine was busy with lots of different activities.

We made some sauteed squash, salad and a yummy steak (not pictured)

My mom and I played a couple of games of Scrabble Slam.  First time playing for both of us and it was fun.  I won both times!  My mom always wins when we play regular Scrabble was I was excited to beat her.Game

We drove to town and came upon this smoke just of the freeway.  A fire about 20 minutes from my parents house which is scary!  My brother saw the flames from the fire the night before, yikes!Fire

More smokeRose Lake Fire

Then we came upon this in Coeur d’ Alene.  You can barely see the mountain with all the smoky haze.  This smoke was being blown in from Washington State where people had to be evacuated.Fire Smoke

I also ran the Huckleberry 5k which takes place each year during Huckleberry Festival in Wallace, ID.  I almost didn’t run it because it was so smoky the night before but I’m so glad I ran because I won 1st place female and 2nd place overall!  I ran hard and was beyond thrilled I did so well! Huckleberry Shirt

Then it was time for cake to celebrate my step dad’s 60th birthday!Cake

On Sunday, my mom and I went for a hike up the Pulaski Trail.  It was a beautiful area along the creek to an old mine which 45 men used as cover from the great fire in 1910.  A full recap post coming soon!
Sign 1

Mile 1

Mom and Me

An original tree burned in the 1910 fire.Cedar SnagIt was a busy but fun weekend for sure! Signature

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Something Old, Something New…

Hi there and Happy Wednesday!

It’s 5pm and I am finally taking a little break to write this post up.

I started the day with a quick breakfast of coffee and Special K with yogurt and blueberries to fuel me up for a run.Pre-run BreakfastIt was yummy and hit the spot for my 6 mile run.  I ran some .25 mile sprints at around a 7:20 pace for each which felt great but wore me out.  It was already hot when I got back to the hotel so I had some water and then my mom suggested this new-to-her Energy drink mix. Energy Shake

I decided to make it extra creamy and try out the smoothie in a bowl.  I blended 2 scoops of Source of Life Energy Shake with some ice, almond milk, water, and some frozen blueberries and strawberries.  Then I topped it with some toasted coconut.  Not the prettiest thing but it was cold and so tasty!Smoothie Bowl

These Organic Toasted Coconut Chips are so good and added some great texture to the smoothie in a bowl.  I really liked eating my smoothie with a spoon too.Toasted Coconut


After the smoothie it was time to start cleaning!  My mom’s cleaning girl called in so I volunteered to clean the rooms that just checked out.  There were 3 rooms that were dirty and although I’ve done laundry, made beds and vacuumed at the hotel for my mom, I haven’t cleaned the whole room myself.  I plowed through the first 3 in a couple hours then 2 more rooms with 2 beds in each checked out.  I got going on those but boy I got tired quickly after that.  Almost 4 hours later I was so thankful for that energy smoothie because I would have struggled through the last 2 rooms without it, I’m sure!

Dirty Room!Dirty Room

Clean Room!Clean Room

Cleaning 5 rooms in about 4 hours in the hotel was my something new.  The something old is the beautiful and historic Ryan hotel that my parents co-own with a partner.  I’ve talked about the hotel before but since I’m in-between jobs, I’m staying up here to help my parents with their busy summer season.

Claw-foot tub!Clawfoot Tub


Miss Montgomery’s Room

She was a teacher that lived in this room in the hotel for 43 years!  She didn’t even have her own bathroom.  I’ve been staying in the suite but when it’s booked, I stay in a room with a shared bathroom and it drives me crazy having to do that for 1 or 2 nights.  I can’t imagine sharing a bathroom for 43 years!Montgomery Room

BathroomBathroomI know I’m (sightly) biased but if you are ever in the North Idaho area and want to visit a historic town and stay in a charming hotel visit The Ryan Hotel!

Well time to make some dinner, I’m starving!


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What?!?!? I almost missed it

Okay I never knew this was a day until I was bored surfing the internet one afternoon.

Hello, ummm smores’ have to be at the top of my list for desserts and a day to celebrate them?  I’m totally for it!! smores

Smores’ are a favorite because of the chocolate, yes, but mainly they are just so much fun to make.  They are made most often while camping or hanging by a firepit with friends so even though I have other favorite desserts I love this treat comes with an experience.

smores - USE

Yeah I would take smores’ in a drink form as well….smore martini - USE

What do smores’ smell like?  Hmmm this seems very interesting!
smore candle - USE

Would anyone say no to this? I don’t think so!smore ring - USE


All of my friends know that I have an obsession…with popcorn.  I. LOVE.IT! So when I was looking up stuff about smores, I came across THIS and can’t wait to make it and THIS looks good.

And because I all about safety…please go make smores’ but don’t do this… wrong way to make smores


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I caught the Frenzy!

Hi there!

Motivational Monday!Be Positive

After 2 cups (okay 2.5 cups) of coffee and a half of banana, I was ready for a little run.  I haven’t been running much lately because I’ve been helping my mom clean the hotels and it gets tiring.  I’ve been missing my morning run so I made sure it was the first thing on the to-do list today.
3 Miles


Now for some motivation!  I came across this and loved it.  Running is so great on so many levels but it also pushes us both physically and mentally.  I struggled today even with my slow 3 miler but I felt so good afterwards.  It reminds me that I am strong and capable of what I set my mom too.  With that said, I have signed up for Foothills 50k Frenzy!  Time to add an ultra to my bucket list!Ultra

Enjoy Running

Just like this last quote, enjoy running but remember if it were easy everyone would be doing it.  Enjoy the journey not just the destination.Wake Up Like this

And this one just ’cause it made me laugh and hope it makes you smile too!  Have a great Monday!Sore


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Sunday Funday


On Friday, the hubby and I decided to take a little drive to Sandpoint, Idaho.  I’ve been there tons a times before but Steve had only been once, in winter to snowboard at Schweitzer Mountain.  It is such a beautiful place in summer (and winter) so we drove up to do some shopping and sightseeing.

My absolute favorite coffee shop is the Lean Bean in Coeur d’ Alene so we stopped for a caffeine boast before hitting the road. Blended Coffee

This is a view from the Cedar Street Bridge where there is some shopping and dining options and a beautiful view!
River Walk View

Trout Country for all of you that like to fish!Trout Country

I had to show Steve this little floating dock, so many memories swimming out to it and jumping off.  He was disappointed though because I hyped it up to be so much cooler.  Guess things seem such much bigger etc when we are kids.Floating Dock

Another must stop when in Sandpoint is the Litehouse Bleu Cheese Factory.  We always stopped to get some “squeeky” cheese curds to munch on.  They were out though!!!!! Saddness on all levels and Steve has the nerve to say “we never run out of cheese in Wisconsin” (his home state).  Grrrrr just because you can buy cheese curds at the gas station…..Lighthouse

We stopped for a little selfie with mini statue of liberty.Selfie

Then it was time for some lunch at The Neighborhood Pub.  We tried some boneless wings in a Bob Marley sauce with Blue Cheese.  These were soooo good!Buffalo Wings

Then we split the mushroom burger.  So juicy and the fries were so good!  This is my new favorite spot!Burger

Then we decided to take a little drive up to Hope, Idaho to get some more lake views.  It was so pretty!  I’m ready to buy a vacation home here…Ha I wish!!Lake view

Sandpoint lake

Boat Launch

What was your favorite place to visit as a child?Signature

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