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Getting back to routine

Happy Friday May 1st!
This week went by fast but I’m still thinking TGIF!!!
It’s been beautiful sunny 70’s weather here and Boise and I ca’t wait for the weekend to get out and really enjoy it. Last night we hiked Tablerock which is one of my favorite places in Boise. I had hoped to hike up and run down but the dogs were pretty hot so we hiked down so they didn’t over heat. My husband and the dogs catching our breath at the top.


The hike felt great and we all were nice and tired from it. It was harder than normal so I definitely could tell I lost some strength. Speaking of, all week I’ve been trying to make it to 6am Body Pump and this morning I finally did! I guess better late than never.
body pump - USE
I know they say it takes 3 weeks to form a habit so I have to be really diligent about getting back into it. I love Body Pump and I’m sore this morning! I haven’t taken the class since January before tax season so I took it easy today to see where I was at strength wise. I also didn’t want to kill my legs since I have a long run planned in the morning.
With the start of a new month and trying to form new habits I am going to do the 30 day plank challenge. I plan to do them in the evenings and this morning I asked my husband to do it with me. He didn’t seem too thrilled but I think he will come around.

30-day-plank-challenge-chart - new

Who’s going to take the challenge with me?
Okay now before you call me crazy…people that know me well know that I’m kind of an all or nothing kind of person. Meaning I don’t sign up for the 5k I do the marathon or I don’t make a sprint triathlon for my first time, I sign up for a half ironman if you get my point. I am signing up for a marathon soon but more on that later. In addition to the plank challenge I am starting May on a healthy note by starting the Whole 30 challenge.
I have a major sweet tooth (ehh umm chocolate) and I have just been eating too much of it. I’ve read that the Whole 30 can help break that so I want to give it a try. I think my sweet tooth is what is really holding me back from getting into leaner shape as well. Plus with summer around the corner I should be enjoying all the yummy melons that are naturally sweet and so much better for us instead.
Hopefully my husband will join me on this too because not having the “NO” foods around the house will make it 100x easier to do. I just read of the “NO” list and I am going to ease into the whole 30 for the next few days because I’m pretty sure I would be setting myself up for failure if I try to go cold turkey on it today. Especially since I have my long run in the morning, it’s going to be hard to break my pre-run bagel habit but I have done it before so I know I can.
Well off to work! Hope I stay focused knowing it’s my first real weekend to myself in a long time!
Are you working on any new habits this month?
Thanks for visiting,
Sheena (more…)
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Race to Robie Creek

Where has the time gone?  I made it through my 8th tax season!  Wow I can’t believe it’s been that many already especially when so many people still ask me if I just graduated.  A lot has happened since my last post….Boise 70.3 training was going great then the first couple of weeks in March really took a toll on me at work and I missed 2 weeks of training.  I couldn’t believe it but I was just so drained when I came home and I was going into work earlier so training took a back burner.

Ever watched the Devil Wears Prada? It’s a great movie and there is a line from it that crossed my mind. “If your personal life turns to crap you’re due for a promotion” and that’s how I felt. I wasn’t spending anytime with my husband or dogs and wasn’t training just working.

So I took a mental break and really thought about what I wanted, why was a training? I realized that it was just making the stress at work worse because I was stressing so much about training so I have decided not to do Boise 70.3 and just focus on what I really enjoy…running!

Which brings me to Race to Robie Creek which is called the toughest half marathon in the Northwest. Perfect just what I needed after hardly any training but guess what I did it! It was incredibly hard but I felt so accomplished afterwards and my confidence is being restored.

Race Recap: The race starts at high noon which was much harder than I thought. I was so antsy and just ready to get going especially since I’m an early riser anyways. My husband brought me to the start around 10:45am and we walked around and I got “Robie ready” by stamping my calves. This year’s theme was Gora! The Running of the Toads.

Starting line


Eventually more of my running group started showing up and I tried to sip water and stretch. I was cold but told myself it was going to be warm so be glad you didn’t overdress. The race is uphill for a total of 2,000 feet and at mile 8 turns downhill. For miles 1-3.5 I was doing alright it was on a paved road and we were mainly clustered together which I enjoy especially for race day energy but then I remember thinking how in the world am I going to make it to the summit at mile 8? It was so hot, luckily they had water stations every mile which I took a cup at each. I walked through the last two water stations before the summit and would find a tree along the road and tell myself okay start running there after the aid station. Then mile 7.5 hit and the climb to the summit and I decided to save energy and walk it. I didn’t want to but I felt so tired I had no choice.

Once over the summit it was a major downhill and I wanted to kick it up and get this run over with but my body especially my knees were sore. I took it easy at the start and then settled into a downhill pace hoping to make up some time. I didn’t think I would be so miserable on the downhill but I was just feeling under-trained and ready to be done. So many people were cramping up and starting to hobble downhill and I just kept thinking keep this pace and don’t stop.

finish line

As I neared the finish line I heard my name and there was my husband cheering for me. I picked it up a tiny bit and crossed the finish line so glad to be done and ready for a celebratory beer! We found the runners from my group then went for some food and drinks. Unfortunately the baked potato was under-cooked and the other food was just cookies so I didn’t eat much but the beer was tasty! We hung out for awhile before making the trek home. I couldn’t believe how far out of town we were and ran out there!



I was proud of myself and glad I pushed myself to finish.


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Meal Planning and Prep

Tonight’s dinner was homemade deep dish pizza made by Steve.  It was Ah-mazing! PIZZA USE 2 NEW PIZZA 1Do you see Noah peeking in from the background….he’s hoping something falls off the counter of course. 
PIZZA USE 1I had zero motivation to do my workouts today and I needed to run and do a swim.  So Steve and I had leisurely had coffee and then attempted a run which turned into more of a walk.  Either way the dogs were super excited. DOGS IN CAR USEAfterwards we stopped at a bike store because I needed a new bike saddle bad!  I got chills thinking of having to ride in the morning since I was so sore from last weeks workout.  We installed the new bike saddle and I’m hoping it makes the ride better tomorrow. 

Then I got to work on some meal prep while watching Live from the Red Carpet.  I love seeing what everyone is wearing and I really like Neil Patrick Harris so I’m excited for tonight’s show.

Monday: Chicken Parmesan

Tuesday: Turkey Meatball Spinach Tortellini Soup


Wednesday: Buffalo Chicken and Sweet Potato Meatza


Thursday: Leftovers

Friday: ??

Saturday: ??

Question of the day: Are you watching the Oscars?

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Run 4 Luv Race Recap

Saturday started really early at work for me.  I went into the office a 6am to work until 10am since the Run 4 Luv race was at 11am.  Crazy late start time, I kinda wish it was earlier than I could have gone into work after but oh well.

Started with my usual pre-run breakfast.  A bagel, almond butter and jam.  Oh and of course coffee!

Pre-run fuel - USE

The race was in the Ann Morrison park right downtown and a quick drive from work.  I was glad about that since it’s tax season and working Saturdays is a must.  I just couldn’t pass up this race have a special last fall for a $15 bib ticket.  What a deal!

The weather has been especially nice lately too, I am truly grateful to be back in the beautiful state of Idaho.

This week I really tried to front-load my Ironman training for early in the week 1) to make sure I got them done 2) to give myself a decent rest day on Friday.  Although I did swim Friday morning but at least it was the least impact of the 3.

My goal for this race was to start somewhat easy and keep it going with negative splits and finish strong with under 9 minutes per mile for at least 1/2 mile or so.  The big goal though was to finish super close to 2 hours.  My PR is 1:56:ish and I haven’t run a fast half marathon race in awhile, manly due to running with friends for company rather than pushing myself. watch - race run to love

I PRed!!!!!! 1:55:05.  I started the race fast and I felt good so I kept it up.  I kept trying to keep myself in check but everything was going awesome until about mile 5.  I knew I was getting close to the turnaround point since it was an out-and-back and I started losing my rhythm.  After turning around, it was fun to start seeing so many people on the other side.  I saw friends, people from my running group and so many others that it helped get my pace back (for a little bit).  I started slowing down again around mile 10-11.  I tried to push the pace like I planned but my legs felt like bricks so that didn’t happen.  We had to cross a bridge less than 1/2 a mile from the finish and I was able to pick up the place finally.  So many people cheering me on really helped.  I was happy with my time but I got to keep myself in check in the beginning better.  finish line Medal me race

Overall it was the most beautiful day (especially in February for a race), I had a good time with friends and it has given me some thought for planning future races.
group pix

Question of the day?  Did you run any Valentine’s Day races?

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Ironman Training Week 6

I received the coolest purse from my sister-in-law!!!! purse

Here is a recap of last weeks training.

Boise 70.3 Training Week 6:

Monday – 1500 yd swim

Tuesday – Yasso 800’s x 6 (8:34 pace)

Wednesday – AM: Swim. PM: Bike 1 hour

Thursday – AM: 1 hour bike. PM: 5.4 mile run (9:03 pace) with the running group

Friday – Rest day!

Saturday – Run 4 Luv half marathon

Sunday – 2,000 yd swim

Total swim time: 3:07

Total bike time: 2:05

Total run time: 3:25

Total Time: 8:37

My run time was down due to “taking it a little easier” in prep for my race (recap coming soon).

I also did a recovery hike on Sunday which was not training just purely enjoying time with my husband, dogs and the beautiful weather.hike 1 hike 2

Question of the day? What did you do this weekend?

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Week 5: Ironman training

I can’t believe I just finished my 5th week of Boise 70.3 Ironman training and have just now posted about it!  It was a rough start.  I have hired a coach who was a high school friend and now is a pro-triathlete.  I asked him to have my plan start on January 5th after we return from our cruise.  Unfortunately, my husband and I got sick that Sunday before and didn’t feel well for about a week or so.  Not a good way to start but I was determined so I picked up the best I could after I started feeling better.

Running is definitely my favorite out of the 3 triathlon events and swimming is my least fav.  My coach knows that and he is really pushing to keep me going on the swims.  I just find swimming (in January, even in an indoor pool), cold, repetitive, boring, and the list goes on.  Last Wednesday, I started feeling better in the pool though.  I was feeling stronger and could tell I was getting faster (for me).  Hopefully I keep seeing improvement.

Here is a recap of last weeks training.

Boise 70.3 Training Week 5:

Monday – Planned rest day

Tuesday – Rest day, my Mom was in town so we sipped coffee and chatted in the morning before work then I lost motivation in the evening

Wednesday – AM: 1 hour bike. PM: Yasso 800’s x 4 then 45 minute lap swim

Thursday – AM: 1 hour bike. PM: 5.4 mile run (9:03 pace) with the running group

Friday – PM: 1500 yd lap swim

Saturday – PM: 2000 yd lap swim

Sunday – AM: 15 mile run

Total swim time: 3:08

Total bike time: 2:02

Total run time: 4:01

Total Time: 9:11

Had my favorite go-to breakfast before a long run – bagel, almond butter and sliced banana.


Had a good run with Katie and Kelsey then we had some brunch at The Griddle.  They have great food but it was crazy busy this morning which was not as relaxing after a long run.  My pedicure from last week is still holding up too.toes

Kelsey and I split a crab cake benedict so when I got home I had a protein shake for some more recovery. shake

Question of the day: what are you training for right now?

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