Sunday meal prep

It’s Sunday and that means time for cleaning and meal prep.  This Sunday is extra awesome though because it’s Memorial Day weekend and tomorrow I have off!  Hope you all are enjoying a long weekend too.

Here is what we made for dinners last week to help with some meal planning inspiration.

Monday: Salsa Chicken

Homemade chips and salsa

5.18 MON DIN 2

Salad with a small piece of Salsa Chicken
5.18 MON DIN

Tuesday: Leftovers

Had plans but decided we had too much leftovers to use up first.

Wednesday: Asian Chicken Stir Fry with quinoa

This was super tasty and I forgot to take a picture at dinner so here is Thursday’s lunch was also made great leftovers.stir fry USE

Thursday: Sliced Pork and Sauteed Peppers pork USE

Friday: Backpacking/camping dinner of Mac and Cheese with leftover Chicken Salsa strips (from Mondays dinner) mac and cheese USE

Why is it that dinners while camping are so tasty?  We made a whole wheat mac and cheese and added some leftover chicken for protein.  It was good plus we were hungry after hiking in which took about 2 and a half hours.

Saturday: Out to dinner after camping

Happy Cooking!!


Question of the day:

What was your favorite meal you made this week?


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Fitness Friday

So glad it’s Friday!  Today is a little different than usual because I took today off from work for an extra long weekend.  During tax season we work lots of extra hours so during the summer we get Fridays off.  Major plus since the weather is much better that time of year.  I decided to take an early Friday off 1) because I have more than I need for the summer 2) I wanted to get a jump start on my long run 3) well I just wanted a long weekend!

No sleeping in for this girl though…

Started the day by meeting my favorite running buddy for a 10 mile run. This picture is of Kelsey and me a couple of years ago after the Famous Potato half marathon. I’m running it next weekend!
Such a great run this morning and we finally got to catch up after not hanging out for a few weeks. It was quiet on the greenbelt too since it was a weekday morning. Feels so great to have been able to run with Kelsey and now my long run is done. Time for Memorial Day weekend fun! We are driving up North to go camping…fingers crossed it doesn’t rain.

This week’s workout recap:

Saturday – 2 mile treadmill run & 1.5 mile dog walk


Sunday – 6 mile run & 1.5 mile dog walk


Monday – 6am Body Pump & 1.7 mile dog walk

Tuesday – off

Wednesday – 6am Body Pump

Thursday – Ran 3.75 miles run 5.21 - USE

Friday – Weekly long run – 10 miles

I did much better with my morning workouts only missing Tuesday but unfortunately didn’t get in as much running as I had hoped.  One thing at a time I guess.  These two made sure to get their running in though! dogs running

Question of the day:

What workout did you enjoy most this week?


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What I love Wednesday

To change things up around here, I’m posting what I love Wednesdays.  Listed are a few things that I’ve been using a lot and loving lately!

  • EOS chapstick


My good friend Jaylene gave to this to me when I visited earlier this month.  I love the fun shape and taste of this chapstick.  It’s sweet but not to over-powering and it’s very moisturizing.


  • REI water bottle


When I’m at work sitting at my desk I make sure to drink lots of water.  It helps me move more too since I have to get up several times to refill my water bottle and use the restroom.  Must stay hydrated especially with summer heat coming!




To help me drink more and stay away from the diet soda…I love these Mio drinks.  The flavor helps me drink more water and I like the little extra energy boost.


  • Emergen-C




When everyone got sick at work recently, I was the only one from the whole office that didn’t get it.  I tribute this to my healthy water intake, working out and taking Emergen-C.  This stuff gives an energy boast plus lots of vitamin C and it’s tasty!

  • “Springy” Orange Nail Polish (sorry forgot to get a picture of the bottle)toes USE

I’m loving this orange spring color nail polish.  A couple of weeks ago I got a gel manicure with a similar color and had to but something similar for myself.  nailz - USE


  • Amazon Prime amazon dog food USE dog food use

Amazon Prime is awesome!  Nothing beats getting a shipment so quickly after ordering but recently when both our dogs started having tummy troubles we decided to go back to Chicken Soup for the Soul Dog Food.  We fed them this brand while living in Illinois and it worked really well for them but we couldn’t find it here in Boise.  Steve looked on Amazon for it and sure enough they had it and offered Amazon Prime shipping.  Score!  Received it quickly and the dogs are back to feeling better.  Amazon for the win!

Question of the day:

What are you loving lately?


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Motivational Monday

Been really needing to dig deep and find my motivation lately.

I’ve been getting sucked into late night TV and not wanting to wake up early for a workout and I am determined to stop that habit this week! To help give myself a “kick” I signed up for the City of Trees Marathon last week.
I am excited because I haven’t run a marathon since 2010 and it was hard. I almost stopped running after it but this time I am going to give myself a better training schedule and make sure I stick too it.

To aid in my quest for motivation, I came across these articles and wanted to share:

Goals, motivation and logs

Chrissie Wellington

Motivation must come from within in order to truly keep going. I never had a problem with this before. I was always up early getting my workout done super early and getting tons of energy for the day. I went back and reread some of my order blog posts which has reminded what I have done and that I can do it.

mon 5.18 - USE
Question of the day:

What do you do to get yourself out of a workout?


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Monday Already?

We had one of those weekends where we both just wanted to veg-out.

Saturday morning, I woke up pretty sore from Friday’s Body Pump class so I decided to push my long run back to Sunday. I had a nail appointment for early afternoon that even felt like a chore. My Living Social deal was about to expire so had to go. I picked a fun “springy” color too!

We made pizza with pizza dough from Trader Joe’s. The whole wheat dough is very tasty!


Sunday morning I had some coffee while trying to get myself excited for the 10 mile run I scheduled. I just wasn’t feeling it at all so I sipped coffee and got my clothes and gear together. Once I had my running clothes on I started warming up to the run although I told myself maybe I’ll just do 6 miles. As soon as I settled into my pace I felt great! It was a beautiful quiet morning on the Greenbelt and although I was running alone I was really enjoying listening to my music. I decided to do an out-and-back run so that I would run longer and once I got to 3 miles and was still feeling good so I decided to keep going to 4. Of course as soon as I hit 4, I thought come on go to 5. I made it to 5 took a GU and some water and then turned around.


I was feeling good until my last mile where I was so ready to be done. I had kept a steady pace the entire time and it dropped by a few seconds in the last mile. I just kept reminding myself how good it will feel to be done! Sometimes the hardest part of the workout is just getting out the door!


After a shower it was time to chill on the couch…Kenda of course thought she needed some relaxing time on the couch too!

Kenda on couch

It was a quiet day at work since everyone at the office is sick except me (how I’m not yet, don’t know). Most people stayed home but we did have to keep the office open and I wasn’t sick so I worked. It is 85 degrees out, what a bummer day to be sick!


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Getting back to routine

Happy Friday May 1st!
This week went by fast but I’m still thinking TGIF!!!
It’s been beautiful sunny 70’s weather here and Boise and I ca’t wait for the weekend to get out and really enjoy it. Last night we hiked Tablerock which is one of my favorite places in Boise. I had hoped to hike up and run down but the dogs were pretty hot so we hiked down so they didn’t over heat. My husband and the dogs catching our breath at the top.


The hike felt great and we all were nice and tired from it. It was harder than normal so I definitely could tell I lost some strength. Speaking of, all week I’ve been trying to make it to 6am Body Pump and this morning I finally did! I guess better late than never.
body pump - USE
I know they say it takes 3 weeks to form a habit so I have to be really diligent about getting back into it. I love Body Pump and I’m sore this morning! I haven’t taken the class since January before tax season so I took it easy today to see where I was at strength wise. I also didn’t want to kill my legs since I have a long run planned in the morning.
With the start of a new month and trying to form new habits I am going to do the 30 day plank challenge. I plan to do them in the evenings and this morning I asked my husband to do it with me. He didn’t seem too thrilled but I think he will come around.

30-day-plank-challenge-chart - new

Who’s going to take the challenge with me?
Okay now before you call me crazy…people that know me well know that I’m kind of an all or nothing kind of person. Meaning I don’t sign up for the 5k I do the marathon or I don’t make a sprint triathlon for my first time, I sign up for a half ironman if you get my point. I am signing up for a marathon soon but more on that later. In addition to the plank challenge I am starting May on a healthy note by starting the Whole 30 challenge.
I have a major sweet tooth (ehh umm chocolate) and I have just been eating too much of it. I’ve read that the Whole 30 can help break that so I want to give it a try. I think my sweet tooth is what is really holding me back from getting into leaner shape as well. Plus with summer around the corner I should be enjoying all the yummy melons that are naturally sweet and so much better for us instead.
Hopefully my husband will join me on this too because not having the “NO” foods around the house will make it 100x easier to do. I just read of the “NO” list and I am going to ease into the whole 30 for the next few days because I’m pretty sure I would be setting myself up for failure if I try to go cold turkey on it today. Especially since I have my long run in the morning, it’s going to be hard to break my pre-run bagel habit but I have done it before so I know I can.
Well off to work! Hope I stay focused knowing it’s my first real weekend to myself in a long time!
Are you working on any new habits this month?
Thanks for visiting,
Sheena Continue reading
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