My Race Day Essentials!

Hi there!

A few weeks ago, I ran the Run 4 Luv Half Marathon, check out my post here.  Prepping for that race got me thinking and sharing how to prep for your first race, your big race or just making sure you don’t forget anything.

  • Hydration – I always drink coffee the morning of a race (or any morning) but since this last race was later in the day, I managed to drink about half of my Gatorade before the race.  Drinking water, Nuun, Gatorade or any other liquids the days before and the day of is essential to keep dehydration at bay.


  • Pre-run food (meal) – Everyone is different so I definitely suggest trying out options on your training runs.  A bagel with peanut butter and slices of banana is one of my go-tos.  I would suggest a bagel, english muffin, banana, toast or oatmeal.  It’s all about seeing what works for you.  Please don’t try anything new on race day though!  Nerves are already up (I still yet butterflies) so you don’t need a food that doesn’t agree with you sending you running to the porta potty.


  • GPS Watch – This isn’t a must have but my running watch is a must for me on runs.  I have the TomTom Multi Sport watch and you can see my review here.   Whatever watch you choose just make sure it’s charged up the night before so it doesn’t die on you during the race.


  • Anti-chafe – I love the Body Glide anti-chafe stick.  I actually didn’t start using this stuff until just over aa year ago when we went to the Caribbean.  I was concerned about the humidity and chaffing so I picked so up.  Now I use it all the time especially

Anti chafe

  • Headphones – Music is a must for me during a race.  I set a whole half marathon playlist that I try to only listen to on long training runs and during the half marathon.  This is another one about preference but it’s something I prefer to have during my run.


  • Nutrition on the run – I’ve tried a few different options for fueling during a long run.  From gel, GU, Shot Bloks and swedish fish.  I love swedish fish during training runs but that’s because I run slower and sometimes take a walk breaks.  My favorite is this Salted Caramel GU.


  • Fuel Belt – I like this FlipBelt to hold a GU and my phone so that I can have my music.  This one is nice and thin so that it doesn’t add weight.

Flip Belt

  • Proper clothing – Always check the weather and try to under dress a little lighter.  You can also do layers that can be removed as you warm up.  In the past, I’ve overdressed and get overheated and usually slow down.  Now, I try to wear a tank top and shorts.


  • Support crew – This isn’t a requirement but a support crew including spouses, friends and puppies are definitely the best!


  • Reward yourself – At the end of the race, no matter how it went, give yourself a pat on the back.  Make sure you hydrate, stretch and refuel!

After the race

What would you add?


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TomTom Review: Not just for your car

Hey there!

Today I’m sharing my love for the TomTom Multi-Sport watch.  No this is not a sponsored post.  Yes all the opinions and thoughts are my own.

I received this watch from Steve as an anniversary present several years ago.  He had originally been eyeing some earrings that he picked out for me but I politely declined and mentioned how much I had my sights of a GPS watch.  The weekend of our anniversary we were also doing a sprint triathlon together, perfect timing I would say!

I’ve never had a Garmin or any other sports watch for that matter so I can’t compare how this works with those.  Steve actually picked it out for me because all I knew was that I wanted a GPS watch and he does thorough researches of any tech products before they are allowed in our house.

It also came with a heart-rate monitor which I was super interested in until recently.  I’m sure you’ve noticed in previous posts that I’ve been using the heart-rate strap paired with the Polar Beat app a lot.  I love the recap the app gives but when you wear the watch with the strap it’s super easy to check your heart rate on the watch screen.

Since it is a multi-sport watch, let’s break it down by sport.

  • Swim:

The swim function allows you to input the length of the pool to count laps.  This feature is amazing!  Before having this watch I tried countless methods to try and count my laps while training.

Tomtom - swim

  • Bike:

I haven’t used the biking option much lately.  It comes equipped with a bike mount so that you don’t have to take your arms off the handlebars.  I used it during a sprint triathlon (as the watch not with the attachment) and it worked great.  It’s really easy to switch between the different sports on the go.  This picture shows the strap by itself.  I watch part can be taken out and used with the bike mount.


  • Run:

This is by far the most used area for me.  I feel lost, naked almost, running without my watch now.  Pace, average pace, heart rate, total miles, time.

Tomtom Run

There is also a feature to give you a goal max and min pace.  It buzzes you and shows arrows when you go outside of that desired range so that you know to either slow down or pick it up.

Run - arrow

  • Other:

Large display screen with easy to use buttons.  Although I must admit when I first had the watch I accidentally would push the left button which if pushed once pauses it but pushed again stops the workout.  I found it to be very frustrating because then I would have to restart it and my distance would be off.  It took several of these mishaps but I finally stopped doing that.

Overall I really like this watch and definitely recommend it, especially if you are interested in triathlons.

Do you use a multi-sport or running watch, if so which one do you use and why?


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Day in the Life…

Hey there!

So I thought it would be fun to share day in the life of a tax accountant.

5:00am Alarm goes off and I hit snooze

5:05am Second alarm goes off and I turn it off and read TheSkimm in my email to catch up on the news


5:10am Out of bed, dress for my run, feed the dogs, get some coffee

Breakfast Time

5:25am Leave for the gym

5:30am Start my run on the treadmill


6:30am Finish my run and head home

6:40am Make a protein shake and jump into the shower

Shake - USE

7:30am Leave for work

8:00am Turn on my computer, put my lunch in the fridge and make some coffee and then dive into tax returns.

Form 1065

9:00am Eat breakfast of usually

10:00am Fill waterbottle, add Emergen-C packet


12:00pm Heat up leftovers for lunch and refill my waterbottle

Leftovers for lunch

3:00pm Snack and refill my waterbottle

Think Thin bar

5:00pm Shut down my computer and head home

5:30pm Feed the dogs and change into comfy clothes

5:45pm Make dinner, then clean up and pack lunches for the next day

6:15pm Take the dogs for a walk

Dog walk

Dog Walk

7:00pm Do a quick house clean up, set the coffee pot for auto brew and (hopefully) do some blogging or TV watching before bed

8:30pm Bedtime!


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WIAW: Trying new recipes

Hi there!

I’m linking up with Peas and Crayons for another round of WIAW.  This round up of meals is from Monday.




Breakfast oatmeal

It was definitely a Monday and we were rushing that morning.  Luckily I found an oatmeal packet which was grab and go breakfast that I could make at work.


Lunch leftovers

Lunch was leftover cajun chicken pasta from Sunday.  It doesn’t look all that pretty but it was reheated nicely and hit the spot.


No bake cookies

A no bake cookie that  a coworker brought in.  It was a tasty chocolaty afternoon treat.


Enchilda dinner

Dinner a new-to us crockpot dinner.  It was an enchilda quinoa dish that I topped with salsa, sour cream and olives.  This wasn’t a favorite but it was sure nice not to cook after a long day at work.

After dinner

I had some peppermint tea which is the perfect end to the day.

What did you eat today?


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Workout Recap: Get those hills

Hi there!

How were your workouts last week?  Mine were much better than the previous two weeks.  The week after the Run 4 Luvv half marathon was a definite recovery week.  The week after that was just, well, blah.  I think this was due to some burnout plus some post-race blues and I just didn’t have motivation.

Have you ever felt the post-race blues?  You training is on point and the race goes well and then what?  Well last week I got back on track and although my runs were slower than my peak weeks, it’s okay.


Weekly Workout Recap


Ran 2 treadmill miles @ 9:05 average pace

Body Pump class in the evening


Ran 6.5 treadmill miles @ 8:50 average pace


Rest day


Ran 7 treadmill miles @ 8:50 average pace


Ran 6 miles treadmill miles @ 9:13 average pace


Ran 6.5 miles treadmill miles @ 8:21 average pace


Ran 9.5 miles @ 9:25 average pace

This was a hilly long run workout which is why it was much slower.  I had run part of the route a little over a year ago during a Christmas race.  We had planned for 10 miles and this was what I mapped out beforehand.  Check out that elevation at the bottom!

Hilly run

What was your best workout last week?


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Weekend Recap: Kitchen ideas?

Good Monday Morning!

How was your last weekend of February?  I’m excited because March is tomorrow which means it’s that much closer to April 15th and the end of tax season.  Woo hoo!  Anyways on to the weekend.

Friday Night:

It was a long week and I was extremely ready for some time just relaxing on the couch.  I work Saturdays now (not all day) but I still like to let my hair down and get crazy Friday nights.  That’s exactly how things went down.  I changed into my comfy clothes, made hummus while Steve prepared a veggie flatbread style pizza.  Ha!


Friday night pizza

Steve challenged me a some Scrabble Blitz after dinner and I gladly accepted.  It’s actually an app on our phones that we use Chomecast to cast it onto the TV.  I was tired so he thought he had a chance but alas I won.  Next time loser buys ice cream!  Wink wink 😉




Began with a 6.5 mile run on the treadmill after sleeping in until 5:30am.   Clearly needed it after the party on Friday night.


We then headed to work.  Steve dropped off at the office and then he went to school.  I worked a few hours and then he picked me up to go shopping for countertops.  We started our kitchen reno last September and did some more work in December.  You can check those out here and here.


We also stopped at Cafe Ole where I had some amazing fish tacos.

Fish tacos

Unfortunately countertop shopping didn’t go as well as planned but we had massage appointments at 3:30pm (a gift from my parents) so our quartz countertop worries were eased for a bit…




Long run time!  Didn’t have time on Saturday so my friend, Janelle and I planned one for Sunday.  I used to map our route which was mainly road due to the recent rain and muddy trails.   I recently signed up a half marathon that is 8 miles up hill then 5.1 miles downhill.  Yes you read that right, 8 miles up hill.  I did that race for the first time last year and it was TOUGH.  It took me 2:40 and this year I definitely want a better time.

Hilly run

We definitely got our monies worth hill wise for that run!  It was challenging but I know that strengthening my quads and calves during hill training is so important.

After our run we stopped by Whole Foods for some coffee and pumpkin chocolate chip muffins.  Janelle started talking about those muffins on the final downhill and I was so excited to find out there were pumpkin muffins available.

Pumpkin Chocolate chip muffin

A hot shower was in order after getting home.  Then it was time for some (dare I say) Spring cleaning.  It was beautiful outside so I opened all of those windows to get some fresh air circulating while I vacuumed, dusted, cleaned the bathrooms and did a bunch of laundry. Woo!

The house smells so fresh and so clean, clean!

We then took in some more of the beautiful Spring like weather with a nice long dog walk.  The dogs are now tuckered out and sleeping away while I type this up.

Now it’s red carpet Oscar time!  My favorite part of award shows is always the red carpet and seeing all of the fashion.

Red carpet, yay or nay ?


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