4 Home Remedies for Dogs Itchy Skin | Organic CBD Oil for Dogs

If your dog has itchy skin then you'll need to find a way to help maintain the itch or cure it. It's no fun when you see your dog itching them selves all day and sometimes a visit to the Vet is not needed when you know the condition. Here are some effective home remedies you could use.

4 Home Remedies For Dogs Itchy Skin 

Olive Oil 

Olive oil could be added to your dogs food and is loaded with antioxidants and vitamins E and K. It helps sooth and replenish your dogs fur. You can use about 1 tablespoon 2 - 3 times a week in your dogs food.

Apple Cider Vinegar 

Apple cider vinegar comes packed with a lot of benefits for your dog. If you create a 50/50 mixture with water you apply it to your dogs skin and watch it work. You could also use a spray bottle to apply the solution. It could sting if their are open wounds or cuts on your dogs skin so be careful! 

Coconut Oil 

Coconut oil is a natural moisturizer that is a great topical treatment for dog itchy skin. It can also be given orally to boost your dogs immune system. It will help relieve itching once applied direct to your dogs skin.


It is known that you can make a paste with oatmeal and apply it to your dogs skin. The paste will help sooth your dogs skin and adds benefits for inflammation. The past is sold in store, but can also be made at home. It's main ingredient is fine grounded oatmeal.

Organic CBD Oil for Dogs 

Organic CBD Oil can help regulate the health of your dog’s skin when applied to the area or consumed. Pet CBD Oil has shown to have medical benefits aside from helping with itchy skin and skin allergies. The secret is that Cannabinoids produced in the dog’s body have an anti-inflammatory effect. Endocannabinoids seem to play an important role in regulating inflammation processes.

Paw’s Elite has been providing CBD Oil Tincture’s for dogs and our product off convenient digestion for your dog. The cbd oil can be added to your dog’s favorite treats or food or directly into your dog’s mouth.

It is also considered a Natural Anti-Inflammatories for Dogs and can help with heart murmur in dogs.

Where to Buy CBD Oil for Dogs? 

Paw’s Elite offers the highest quality CBD Oil that passes vigorous testing methods from labs that are regulated and certified. Our CBD Products will be shipped right to your door with free shipping. Read our product reviews to learn more about our customers experiences, CBD Oil Reviews.

CBD has compounds that create effects which help counteract the negative symptoms that cancer causes in dogs

When should you call a Vet? 

If your dog is having mild or occasional itching issues then the above dog home remedies should help. If you noticed your dog is having severe itching issues and your dogs skin is breaking you may need to visit your vet. It’s important to treat the underlying cause of severe itching. If you’re dog start to develop symptoms, like loss of appetite, restlessness or is in a depressed mood or the itchiness has gotten so severe that her skin breaks.

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