Marathon Check-in and some weekend fun

Hi there!

Marathon check-in time!

Yesterday morning I ran 24 miles on the treadmill….again due to bad weather.  Here was my mileage breakdown.

Miles 1 – 4 @ 9:22

Miles 5 – 8 @ 9:14

Miles 9 – 12 @ 9:05

Miles 13 – 16 @ 8:57

Miles 17 – 19 @ 8:49

Miles 20 – 22 @ 8:42

Miles 23 – 24  @ 8:34

I was really happy with my negative splits and my overall pace was 9:25.  I was definitely ready to be done at the end but glad I was able to push myself at the end.  I do a walk break every 10 minutes when I run long on the treadmill to help break it up.  bagel 24 miles

4 Marathon-Specific Long Runs

On Saturday after work, we walked the dogs to the park to play some ball.  They go crazy when we say it’s time for a walk and they even know what streets to go turn on for the park.  What can I say, they are labs!  dogs playing ball noah

Then I bribed Steve into going to Bed, Bath and Beyond to work on our wedding registry.  I know know, you can do it all online but I stare at the computer enough during tax season…plus I wanted to use the registry gun like they do in the movies.  Ha! That was fun and it was nice to actually look and compare things in person with Steve.

Steve “seriously” contemplating the different types of pillows

steve at bbb

Afterwards, I treated him to some beer and pizza and we even caught some of the Wisconsin vs. Oregon game.  Hey I know what works with him so I use it! (he is from Wisconsin after all)steve

A very deep dish Chicago style pizza.  This one had way to much tomato sauce for me.


Question of the day:

How are your brackets doing, if you are one of the March Madness enthusiasts?

Thanks for reading!


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Snow day!

It started snowing yesterday around 4pm and the weatherman said we were going to be getting around 4 inches.  They were sorta right….but we got even more than that!  Noah and Kenda love the snow and believe me they were stoked when we let them out this morning for a quick potty break.  After some coffee, Steve and I suited up in our snowpants and other warm gear to take the dogs to the park.  This is what we woke up too…..

As soon as we started getting ready and telling the dogs that we were going outside for a walk they started freaking out!  Jumping around and whining because they were so excited.

Let’s go play!!!  We are always going to slow when they are ready to go outside for a walk.Playing in a snow pile.We walked to a park just down the street from our apartment and let the dogs off leash to chase the ball.  They lost it a couple of times in the snow!

It was actually pretty warm (33 degrees) out and the snow was perfect for packing so I decided to build a Kenda inspired snowpuppy.  I even added her collar for some color.He couldn’t be outdone so Steve started building one of his own.  Since mine was about a foot tall he had to of course make his 4 feet tall to out-do me.

I helped him with the head and Kenda came over to check out our work (yeah right she just wants us to throw her green ball).It’s so rough being a puppy playing in the snow!  After we came home and dried off the dogs the best we could, guess where they ended up?  The couch cuddling up in a blanket and passing out.  She was snoring when I took this picture too.  She is such a sweetheart (when she is sleeping).


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