Treadmill Tuesday 2/18

Hi there!

It’s Treadmill Tuesday and I’m going to discuss hill workouts on the treadmill.  Now I used to love running the foothills in Boise, Idaho when I lived there.  Besides my friends there, that has to be what I miss the most about Boise.  It was a quick 10 minute drive from my house to Tablerock (pictured below) and you felt so far away.

Hiking with my good friend Kelsey and her dog last May.hiking TB - USE

Stopping at the top of Tablerock to enjoy the view before running back down.  My favorite part!  If you look closely you can see that Noah has his red hiking shoes on.  It’s the cutiest thing when the dogs wear those plus it protects their feet from sharp rocks and glass.  The shoes are Ruff Wear Grip Trex.  They. are. awesome!

HIKING TB 2 - USEUnfortunately where I live now is some of the flattest land ever so I have to run “hills” on the treadmill.  I was searching for some ideas which I posted links below but last night I created my own workout plan.  I thought I would finish it on the fly while running because I was so tired last night.  That didn’t quite work out like I had hoped but I did get to test out my idea.  I ran a total of 6 miles with an overall pace of 9:05.  I updated the workout today and I’m calling it a Rolling Hills Treadmill workout.  It has the same gist as the pyramid workout but instead of increasing pace we are increasing incline.  I think I will alternative this workout with the Pyramid each Tuesday for a few weeks.  I also plan to continue increasing the pace and incline to keep myself from hitting a plateau.  This workout works for my speed and ability at the moment.  Feel free to tailor it to meet your needs.Rolling Hills TM - USE

Other hill workouts:

Articles about hill running:

I read this article last week and thought I would share:

Keeping it Real

Question of the Day?

Do you live in an area you can run hills and if so have you tried them out?


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Treadmill Tuesday 2/11/14

Hi there!  It’s treadmill Tuesday.  Did you get your run in???? Workout - USE

I sure did!!  I had planned to just run at my apartments clubhouse but one of the treadmill’s is broken and the other one was already taken so I headed to the gym instead (their treadmills are much nicer anyway!).  I came armed and ready with my Pyramid Run from last week with the goal of 7 miles in 1 hour (or less).  Once I got going, I knew I would have to modify a bit because my legs felt so much heavier so I decreased the pace by 0.5 for each one and was able to finish the 7 miles in 1 hour and 1 minute at an overall pace of 8:42.  Was hoping for closer to an 8:30 but sometimes you just have to listen to your body and ease up a bit (not all the time though remember to push yourself!).  When I ended my workout the treadmill asked if I wanted my run to be emailed to me.  What?!?!?  That is awesome!  The machine is set up with iFIT (the extra screen looks just like an iPad) and sure enough it sent me my workout details so I didn’t have to worry about entering it into like I always do.  treadmill - USE

Here are a couple of links I have referenced this week that I thought would be helpful.

Treadmill Mistakes

Treadmill Conversions

I am reducing my Sunday long run every 3rd week to give myself a “rest” run so to offset that and keep my weekly miles up I will be running a medium-long run Thursday.  My goal for Thursday runs will be to run at goal marathon pace (MP).  It’s new this week and it will be a 13 mile run which will be good to get the legs used to running longer distances at the goal pace.

Next week I will also be changing my Tuesday run to incorporate some hills.  I am working on putting together that workout so be sure to check back!  Sweet potato, mashed banana, protein powder and flax seed “oatmeal” and some Dandy Blend coffee for breakfast at work.Breakfast 2.11 - USEAlmond Dream yogurt with blackberries and raspberries for a snack. Yogurt snack - USEMy water bottle.  Always drink lots of water throughout the day! Water - USETrail Mix, I love this snack because this particular one has chocolate chips in it and is perfect when I need some chocolate.Trail mix - USEHave a good evening and happy treadmill running!

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Treadmill Tuesday

Hey there!

It’s treadmill Tuesday and I have a new treadmill workout that I am excited to share!  Unfortunately I have not tried it myself yet, I had planned to run this morning but had to drop Steve off at school for his trip at 6am this morning.  I had planned to run this evening but due to another snow storm rolling I am pretty sure that body pump will be canceled in the morning so I will run longer in the morning.   Yikes look at that forecast!

snow - USEHopefully I can trudge through the snow in the morning to the clubhouse and run on the treadmill.  Here is my Pyramid workout that I wanted to share for treadmill Tuesday.  Should keep away the boredom on the treadmill.Pryamid run - USE

Also here are a couple of treadmill workout ideas:

Burn 60

30 Minute Interval

Happy Treadmill Running!!!

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Treadmill Tuesday


Each Tuesday I will be posting a new treadmill workout (our 2) to help fight boredom while we (those of us still in the polar vortex) wait for better pavement hitting weather.  As I mentioned in my Sunday post, I went back to what works for my long run on the treadmill and that really helped!  Long runs on the treadmill have to be treated like long runs on the run and that includes slowing your pace.  I believe this was a huge part of my problem because I was going to fast.  That coupled with boredom on the ol’ mill makes it very easy to quit early.

Yesterday morning I ran 20 minutes after Body Pump class.  I ended up warming up real quick then changed my pace every minute by alternating with and 7.0 MPH and 8.5 MPH.  Nothing fancy but working on increasing my pace in smaller increments.

Here are a couple links to treadmill workouts….

13 Indoor Cardio Workouts

Running through a Plateau

How Real Runners Train on the Treadmill

This morning I didn’t workout because I had to fast for some blood tests.  They told me no food or drink for 12 hours before the test which I had at 7am but they said nothing about exercise.  I did some Googling and found out that exercise is not recommended since it can raise your cholesterol 10-15% temporarily, giving you an inaccurate result.  It can also affect blood sugar results.  So better to avoid strenuous exercise 12-24 hours before a fasting blood test for the most accurate results.

That said, I ran 5 miles this evening on the treadmill.  I printed off the Running through a Plateau plan above and took it with me.  This was a good workout!  I have to admit I never change my incline when running on the treadmill so I liked the incline changes this plan incorporated.  After the warm up you change the pace/incline every minute so you are constantly watching the clock but it went by quickly.  I also took my ipad to catch up on The Bachelorbachelor. - use

I am behind, still only on week 2!  When I ended my run the rose ceremony was starting so will have to wait until next time.

After my run, I stretched and had some leftovers.  We had too many to use up before making asparagus wrapped chicken like I had planned.  That’s okay leftovers are good too.

Thanks for reading!


Have you tried any new treadmill workouts lately?

Or are you lucky enough to live in warmer weather to run outside?


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