Happy Birthday Steve!

Happy Birthday Steve!  Yesterday was the big 3-0!  Wow how time flies! We met when we were 22…..just young’ins.  We have had so many fun birthdays together and looking forward to many more!

Yesterday morning I let Steve sleep in while I headed out to spin and Body Pump at the gym.  Holy hotness!  The spin room felt like a sauna because the gym’s new Hot Yoga class was heating up the entire building.  I have always been intriqued by hot yoga but wasn’t so sure about hot spin.  Normally I drink one full water bottle during class but today I had to stop during class to refill and a drank the entire refill.  It was HOT!!!!!!  After class was finished I went over to Body Pump which was no where near as hot as the spin room.  I wish the temps had been reversed but oh well, either way it was a hot a sweaty day.  I love this sign that’s right ladies (and gents) get sweaty!sweaty ride

Later that afternoon I had to put some finishing touches on Steve’s birthday presents.  I saw the idea on Pinterest for a bouquet with small alcohol bottles, perfect for guys!  I had originally planned to use a six pack of one of his favorite beers for the base but then I found a mini keg of Rogue’s Yellow Snow IPA( Indian Pale Ale – his fav).  I knew Steve would love it especially because it has the black lab on front and it was an IPA beer.  I then added LOTS of candy.  I was pretty proud of myself with the final result.  Steve loved it too!  Steves birthday present

We then went out to dinner at Destihl, Steve’s favorite restaurant (okay it’s my favorite too).

We started with Deep Fried Cheese Curds.  Sure aren’t healthy but the birthday boy got to pick and they sure were good!  cheese curds

Steve then indulged and got the Espresso Rubbed Ribeye.  steak

I got the Spiced Seared Swordfish.  Swordfish

We then shared ours to make our own surf and turf.  It was delicious!

We requested our doggie bags for dinner and ordered dessert.  Destihl has the BEST carrot cake and I knew for sure that we would be getting that.  I brought 3 candles to top off the carrot cake because it would have been really hard to put 30 candles on one slice even though it was huge!  carrot cakeWe ended the night at home on the couch enjoying a nice fire and watching Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, another part of his present.  Happy Birthday Steve!!!

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Football Sunday!

Another Christmas as come and gone.  How do they go so quickly?  I packed up our Christmas decorations today and it was bittersweet.

I sound like a broken harp but my knee is still hurting so I decided not to do my long run today.  My only option was to run on the treadmill and I knew that would only make it worse.  However, I did go to spin class and Body Pump this afternoon so I did get in a good workout.

This morning I made some banana bread to use up a bunch of leftover ones in the freezer.  Banana bread

I also put together a Crockpot Buffalo Chicken Lasagna(a modified version) for tonight’s dinner because it is football Sunday.  What says more football more than Buffalo Chicken?  Not much! Chicken Pasta sauce and bufflao sauce waiting for the chopped chickenPasta Bowl NoodlesLayer of noodles

Noodles in crockpotLayer of peppers
LayersAll the layers
Ready to goYum, Steve approved it as football worthy dinner.
Bowl of dinner

Crockpot Buffalo Chicken Lasagna Recipe:

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

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Call Me Crazy!!!

Last night I went to spin class, yes I did a class in the morning and another in the evening on the same day.  I did a total of 40.5 miles combined which is a lot but this spring and summer I was doing several road rides a month from 40-60 miles each.  I bought a road bike back in February after I decided to do the New Orleans Half Ironman with my friend Sarah.  I was taking a spin class 3-4 times a week during the week and I averaged 20-25 miles a class depending on the focus of the class, ie. sprints or hills.  I stayed consistent with the classes until tax season really got busy.  It was definitely a challenge to train for a Half Ironman triathlon during the winter AND tax season (another reason to call me crazy) but I liked the challenge.  I would get up at 4am to run before work, work a 12-14 hour day then go to the gym for a spin class or ride myself then end the evening with swimming.  So I guess you could say a double day workout is NOT new to me.

When I was attending school at Boise State University I would take spin classes at the University’s recreation center and once or twice a month they had endurance spin class which were 90 minutes.  I liked those a lot, it’s good to teach your body endurance and spinning/biking is great cross-training for long distance runners.

bsu rec center - use

I was tired from work and volunteering at the Habitat for Humanity yesterday afternoon which involved lifting a lot of boxes full of donated books, sorting them and then moving a lot of shelves and wooden bed posts that had been donated.  Oh and ummmm yes we had time for a quick photo.

It was not my normal day of sitting at a desk all day.  So needless to say, I wasn’t feeling like a workout but I’m glad I went!  The teacher was awesome and the class flew by.  It was hard though, I had heard he was a hard teacher but he gave us a new routine for each song that included standing, sprints, hills and lots of hovering!  I loved it!

Before class, I stopped by home to feed the dogs and pop some spaghetti squash, pasta sauce and diced chicken (usually make meatballs but had chicken defrosted) into the Crockpot for dinner.  This is seriously such an easy yet tasty meal.  I literally put it together in 5 minutes, although I will admit Steve had it already cut in half because that is the hard part. Usually I would have cooked it for 3-4 hours on low in the Crockpot but I didn’t get a chance to set it up earlier so I figured it would cook on High while I was at class.  I cut the chicken into small pieces to help it cook faster too so just over an hour and half later it was ready when I walked in the door from class.  Good thing because I was starving! We paired it with some salad and were set.


Crockpot Spaghetti Squash

1 Large spaghetti squash washed

1 Jar of your favorite pasta sauce

½ lb. Ground turkey or other meat of choice

1 tsp Minced garlic

1 tsp Italian seasoning

Salt and pepper

Cut the spaghetti squash in half around the middle. Use a spoon to remove the seeds and membranes. Place cut sides down in a large crock pot.

Pour the spaghetti sauce around the sides of the squash.  Mix the ground turkey with the minced garlic, Italian seasoning, salt and pepper then form into meatballs.  Add the meatballs to the Crockpot around the squash making sure to cover with some sauce.

Cook on low for 5-6 hours, or high for 3-4 hours. Test for doneness by piercing the squash with a fork, if it goes through the skin easily, it is done.

Use tongs to carefully remove the squash from the crock pot. Use a fork to pull out all the squash, discard the shell.

Serve with the sauce and meatballs from the crock pot. Enjoy!

Steve also had some homemade bread with dinner.  I found a super simple basic quick rising bread recipe that I jazz up with some roasted garlic and sun dried tomatoes.  I will post that recipe soon!

This morning I had planned to run 6-8 miles on the treadmill.  When I got to my apartment’s gym I just wasn’t feeling like running so I walked on the treadmill for 5 minutes.  Still wasn’t feeling a run so I got on the elliptical and started thinking about my runs this week.  I hadn’t done any ½ mile sprints so I decided I could handle that so I got back on the treadmill after 10 minutes on the elliptical.  My run this morning went like this:

¼ Mile 8:30 pace

¼ Mile 8:00 pace

10 chest presses

10 crunches on the ball

10 bicep curls

10 shoulder presses

Repeat for 4 miles increasing pace after each mile.

This was a good and sweaty workout that goes by really fast.  I used 15 lb dumbbells for my quick arm circuit.  I really like breaking up my treadmill runs into ½ mile sprints and some weights because I am able to run at a much faster pace knowing it won’t last long plus I get in some strength training.  I worked up to a 7:00 pace which is awesome for me!

I call that a win-win especially after starting the workout not wanting to run.  Sometimes this is what you have to tell yourself!

Tonight is my work Holiday Party at a local hotel banquet room.  We are having cocktail hour, dinner and then a game and dessert.  I am on my work’s fun committee so I helped set up the game and party.  It’s a simple game but should be pretty entertaining if people participate….since we are accountants we usually depend on spouses/significant others to spice up the fun. I can poke fun at how lame accountants are since I am one although I don’t think I am quite that boning.  I am frugal though!

Anyone else having a holiday party this weekend?

What about a cookie exchange?

Anyone volunteering with their work or on your own?

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No more sleeping in

Hey There! How was your day?

I woke up at 5am and immediately thought I was already going to be late for spin class.  Being late is one of my biggest pet peeves.  If anything I am usually very early so the thought of being late made be almost jump out of bed.  After the mini panic attack I realized that Kenda was not in the doorway giving me the “feed me now” look.  Odd!  The second either of us move in the morning Kenda jumps up and is ready for food!  Silly girl, I honestly can’t recall her ever NOT beating me up.  Don’t worry that didn’t last long, as soon as I was in my workout clothes she was up.  Back to sleep after eating :)

I am a morning person but my morning workouts have been slacking lately so I am proud of myself for keeping with it this week.  It definitely helps to have a class to go to because it feels a bit like I have an appointment and I must attend.  For anyone lacking motivation or just needing an extra kick in the pants I highly recommend taking some group fitness classes.  This morning’s spin class was really good.  I had not taken a 5:30am spin at my new gym yet so I was not sure what to expect from the teacher or class size.  Well there was only four participants including me so it was a small class and the teacher was not very enthusiastic but can’t blame her, either was I yet.  Class started slow but she had an 80’s hits theme with her songs combined with the teaching style I like so it didn’t take long to get cruising and really work up a sweat.  When Prince’s song “When Doves Cry” came on I was really psyched.  That is one of my favorites along with his song “U Got the Look” with Sheena Easton.  I am an 80’s child!  I can’t help it though especially since I was named after her.  My mom and I even saw her perform, met her, got a picture and an autograph from her while on a girls trip to Las Vegas.  All thanks to my mom.  Yeah she rolls like that!  Such a fun trip (must do again) but now I am way off topic….

Class flew by and I did 18.8 miles in just under 55 minutes.  Sorry for the blurry picture of the bike computer I think my legs must have been moving a little still.

Had some more coffee and a slice of homemade pumpkin bread with some almond butter and jelly before heading for the shower to get ready for work.  I also packed up three egg muffins (recipe below) to have later at work.  I prefer to have smaller meals throughout the day rather than three large meals, that and I am a snacker so bringing something healthy like these are great.  I also always try to have oatmeal in my desk at work in case I don’t have something pre-made.  Oatmeal and a banana are one of my favorites and are a good way to refuel after a hard morning workout.

Make Ahead Quick and Easy Egg Muffins

1.5 Cups Frozen veggies – I used pepper and onion mix

12 Eggs

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

Coat a regular size muffin pan with cooking spray.   Evenly distribute frozen veggies in all 12 muffin cups.  Then crack eggs and add one to each muffin cup on top of the veggies.  I made some with just egg whites and some using the whole egg.  Use a fork to stir the egg and veggies together and then sprinkle with salt and pepper.  You can also add cheese or even some parmesan at this point too.  Cook for about 20-25 minutes until eggs are set.  These little “egg muffins” are perfect to grab and go during the week and you can be creative with the toppings as well.  Enjoy!

Here are some other breakfast ideas and you don’t have to be a Pro but you should start your day with a great breakfast!

As you can see from the article, carbs are a favorite for breakfast and it’s a great way to get energized for the day.

What are your favorite go-to breakfast options?

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