Wedding Wednesday

Well it’s Wedding Wednesday and yesterday we celebrated acknowledged our 3 year engagement anniversary.  Wow!  Time sure flies by!  This time it’s so much more exciting since we are actually planning.  I can’t wait to start planning the decorations and all the fun stuff but I’m still working on the big to-dos that I talked about last week.

Another big item for wedding planning (and anytime really) is looking your absolute best for the big day.  Of course we always want to look our best but on your wedding day when everyone has their eyes on the bride, the pressure is really on!

To look your best for the big day don’t do a 2 week crash diet and starve yourself and stress yourself that you break out.  Instead start early, make small changes each week that become a better habit for both you and your new spouse.  No couple wants to gain weight during their first year of marriage either that is so common.

Also start getting in a good beauty routine.  I do have the tendency to breakout when stressed so I have started taking more action to keep my skin looking good.  My new favorite thing is the Mary Kay Skinvigorate Cleansing BrushMary kay microdermibraison- USEIt’s very similar to the Clarisonic but MUCH cheaper!  I have been pairing that with the TimeWise Microdermabrasion Set and my skin has never been softer!  I am loving how soft my skin is and it exfoliates so well that it has helped reduce breakouts.  I want to share these two great products so check out my website.  If you place any order before the end of the month you can get 30% off the entire order with Feb30 (for my 30th birthday month!).

On another note, last night after working a 12 hour day, all I wanted was to watch TV finish and finish typing up my blog post.  Kenda was having none of that.  She wanted attention and she wanted to play.  I gave her some love but then told her to go lay down because I was busy.  I love my dogs but sometimes they can get “bothersome” when they want to play and need attention but as dog owner’s we have to remember they NEED our attention and we must cherish them each and everyday. PUPPIES - USE

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Lesson learned

Our Saturday morning was busy since we had to leave at 8am to drive to a suburb of Chicago for a vendor show. It was a 2 hour drive to the show and I had to be set up at 10:45 so staying on track was important. The place was a little difficult to find but I got set up and was excited for my first show. Unfortunately it’s been so slow which is why I’m writing this post while at the show. I sure hope it picks up since I still have 2.5 more hours. This being my first show I learned my lesson in not doing research about the show beforehand. I didn’t check out their advertising or ask about theset up (we are at tables in hallways) or ask about how many vendors there will be….lesson learned.

Well I will know for next time. I’m bummed because I will miss a holiday cookie exchange too. So sad!!! I love cookie exchanges. An excuse to bake sign me up!!!

I had originally hoped to run the dogs before we had to leave this morning but it’s so cold here. We were supposed to get snow yesterday but the storm went further south so we did luck out there. I will have to bundle up and take the dogs for a walk when we get home because they are always bouncing off the walls after being home alone all day. Heck I’ll be bouncing of the walls after sitting doing nothing at this show all day.

Unfortunately the vendor show turned out to be a total bust but the good news of the day, Trader Joe’s was nearby!!  I love that store so we went to check it out after leaving the show.  We found some Quinoa chips and decided to make nachos for dinner.  We also found some Chipotle salsa which was awesome! I love the smokiness flavor to it.  We grabbed a couple of avocados, cherry tomatoes and shredded cheese too.

Of course we had to see what treats they had for the holidays and I got super excited seeing Joe Joe’s after reading about them at hungreyrunnergirl. I also found some chocolate covered espresso beans and decided I was only getting one treat and just couldn’t pass up the chocolate covered espresso beans.

We got to check out and chatted with the friendly cashier (they are always so nice there) and then he grabbed a box of Joe Joe’s and put them in our bag and said “on me” for the happy couple.  Ah how sweet was that!!

We were greeted by some very happy to see us dogs (there is nothing like a dogs love :) ).  We were only gone 10 hours but they acted like we were gone for days.  We fed them and started to put together our nachos.  We layered the Quinoa chips, blended up black beans, cheese and olives and then backed for 15 minutes.  I then sprinkled avocado and some cherry tomatoes to top it off.  They were good!

Sad to say its not even 8pm on a Saturday night and I am already in bed now.  Driving (okay well riding in the car – thanks for driving me Steve) makes me tired plus it was such a boring day so yep its early to bed for me.  That’s okay I have a long run tomorrow morning and then Body Pump class later so I should get some extra sleep while I can.

Have a good night!

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