Marathon Check-in 2/23

Hi there!

It’s marathon check-in time….3 months from today!!!

Total miles week of February 10th = 44.3 miles

Total miles week of February 17th = 47.8 miles

This morning I ran 22 miles, I got a later start than I had hoped but a little extra sleep did help.  I started off with the usual coffee and english muffin with peanut butter and banana for my pre-run breakfast.Breakfast - USEDrink - USE GU - USE Chocolate GU - USE

22 Miles in 3:37 for an overall pace of 9:51!  Under 10 minutes per mile for my training long run.  That is really good for me!  Progress baby!
22 Miles - USE

Trying to smile before hobbling home….yikes I’m sore!ME -USE

I was really hungry when I finished so after stretching and a shower I made my new favorite post-run creation.  I will call it the Tortilla Monte Cristo.

Take tortilla and slice into four pieces.Tortilla - USE

Slice cheese into thin slices, I used smoked gouda because that is what I had but I prefer swiss.  Laughing cow swiss cheese wedges are perfect and fewer calories.
cheese - USETake 1 slice and turkey and layer it on 1 quarter of the tortilla.  Then add a 1/3 of the cheese.

stacking it - USE

Keep stacking like this until you have used all of the cheese, turkey and - 1

Dip the stack into your bowl of egg whites and completely coat with egg.dipping - USE

Then add the your skillet that has been sprayed with cooking spray.MC - 2 -USE

Carefully flip after the bottom is lightly browned.
MC - 3 - USE

Continue cooking until the bottom is lightly browned.  Then slice in half once it cooled for a minute.  Add your jam for dipping and sprinkle with powdered sugar.  So good!!!!  It’s actually pretty healthy compared to the deep fried ones you find at restaurants and tastes pretty darn close to them.  I cooked up the extra egg whites after dipping my monte cristo.  I hate to waste food and it adds some more protein to my dish.

monte cristo - USE

Full Recipe:
Tortilla Monte Cristo

Question of the Day:

What is your favorite post-run food?

Thanks for reading!


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Marathon Training Check-in 2/16

Time to check-in!

Total miles week of February 3rd = 40 miles

Total miles week of February 10th = 44.3 miles

Did just a tad over my 10% increase due to my three 20 minute sprint workouts.  I increased my pace on all three and eeked out a couple extra 10ths of a mile on them.  Yay for progress!

As a runner, the “10% Rule” means increasing your weekly mileage by no more than 10% at a time and that got me thinking, is sticking to “10%”  really a rule?  So I did some research….

Reading into this subject it seems like sticking to the “10% Rule” is a good idea, especially to avoid injury.  I already have plantar fasciitis (PF) in my left foot and I want it to go away instead of aggravate it.  So I will increasing my mileage accordingly and plan to stay around the 50-55 mile range.


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Marathon Training Check-in

I figured it was a time for a quick marathon check-in since my race is not that far away!  As you can see by my handy countdown (I’m liking these lately).  That comes down to only sixteen weeks including this week and somehow that does not seem far at all.

Total miles week of January 20th = 30 miles

Total miles last week = 45.5 miles

Normally you should only increase your mileage by 10% to avoid injury but I made an exception with my 30 mile birthday run.  I am still feeling pretty good.  My hamstrings are sore and I really felt them in body pump class with all the squats and lunges we do but other than that I’m good.

This week I am going to decrease my mileage slightly to a goal 40 miles.

Do you have any races scheduled for this spring/summer?

How is your training going?

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