Playing in the doggie pool!

Hi there!

Happy Friday to you!

Since I have Fridays of during the summer, I took advantage of it by kicking off the weekend by getting in my long run.

To prep for the 18 mile run, I happily carbbed-up on a yummy burger and grilled squash and zucchini. Carbing Up Dinner

Also made sure to layout everything in preparation for the run.  I have forgot my watch for a race before and it drove me crazy to be without it so I made sure everything was charged up and ready to go.Long Run Supplies

There was a whole wheat bagel with peanut butter and jelly (my pre-race/ pre-long run fav) but I was starving when I woke up, so hence no picture…. I also had 2 cups of coffee while watching the news.  I need a good hour to wake up and be ready to go and run.  Coffee, the reason I get out of bed!Prerun Coffee

Within the first half mile, got to see a hot air balloon off in the distance.   Pretty cool to see while starting my run. Hot Air Balloon

Since today’s run was solo, I listened to music and tried to enjoy the scenery as much as I could too help keep my mind off counting the miles.  Saw some cattails near the park.

The Boise River, goes right through downtown and the Greenbelt running path goes along both sides of it.  River View

Although I have to say one of my favorites is seeing the giraffes at the Boise Zoo which is also right downtown.  They were out to say hello today, is it weird I always say hi to them?

Tablerock, with the Boise “B” which is right at the top of the hill in white.  I love hiking (and running) Tablerock too.Tablerock

Sunflowers, because they are pretty and I’m trying to stop and enjoy the roses (or sunflowers in this case) more.  Also I needed a walk break.Sunflowers

Why oh why did I plan my 18 mile run to have the last half mile being a hill?!?!?!?  Well, since I live up on that up and I ran from home today there wasn’t much choice.  Full disclosure, I walked up this hill.  Just glad I didn’t have to crawl at this point!Up hills

Phew! 18 miles in the books!  I had estimated 3.5 hours for the run and went over my 13 minutes due to extra walk breaks.  I kept myself in check by going slower and taking a walk break because the point of a long run is long and slow.  Get your feet, body and almost most importantly your mind used to running for that long.  Unfortunately our minds start giving up before our bodies usually so must stay strong and power through!18 Miles

My feet felt like they were on fire so I took off my socks and shoes and filled up the doggie pool to take a cold (not ice) bath.Coldwater Foot Bath

Kenda was wondering what I was doing in her pool…. Waiting for the Ball

Then she joined me to cool off too!  She is so silly! She is splashing around with her ball here.Splash Time

Just throw it already!Throw the Ball

Well now I am resting my feet while typing up this post but time too go make a protein recovery shake.

What are your weekend plans?Signature

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Weekly workout recap – late edition

Hey there!

Last week’s workouts didn’t quite go according to plan because I needed more rest after a busy 4th of July weekend.  So here’s a recap of last weeks workouts

Monday – off

Tuesday – off

Wednesday – 6 mile run, weights – legs

Thursday – off

Friday – 16 mile long run

Saturday – 26 mile bike ride

Sunday – 5.5 trail run and 15 minute easy lap swimming

Even though my mileage was lower than I hoped for the week, I still got in a long run and it was a really good one too.  This week is off to a better start and per the training plan I’m following it’s a “recovery” week so my long run is 13 miles and I happen to have a half marathon on Saturday.  It’s a brand new race in the Boise area called the Freakin’ Fast Half because you start on the road that goes up to the ski hill and it’s a 3000 ft downhill run to the finish!  Check back for a recap this weekend!

Do you prefer uphill or downhill runs?


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Sunday Scheduling 2/16

Hi there!

It’s Sunday again and time to schedule out the week or just try my best at it since it’s tax season.   I started off the morning with some coffee and an english muffin with peanut butter (although I prefer almond butter but we are out) and banana, my usual pre-run meal.  breakfast - USE

I felt really good this morning and ready to tackle my long run.  It must have been all my carbing-up last night with nachos and movie theater popcorn.  Ha! I wish :)

I had the usual long run supplies with me: ipad, Orange Accelerade water, GU’s and dates.  I had a date around 50 minutes into my run then a GU at about an hour 15.  Drink - USE

I made sure to stay hydrated and I sip water at any sign of thirst which reminds me I will have to consider whether or not I will not my water belt on marathons.  I know they have a water stop at about every 1.5 miles but it’s nice to be able to drink when you need it.  It’s important to train like how you will race so it’s just something to consider as it gets closer.  By the way check out my marathon check-in.  I only had one GU since it was a “shorter” long run this week for a little break but I did have a few more dates around 2 hours.  GU - USE

I finished the 17 mile run on the treadmill in 2:53 at an overall pace of 10:10.  17 miles - USE

I thought that was a pretty good improvement over last week‘s pace of 10:29.

Menu planning well be put on hold until after tax season.  Due to my hours, I will be ordering dinner through work so unfortunately can’t cook at home with Steve.  He is also going out of town for a research trip this week so neither of us will be home for dinner.  I did prep some salads and leftovers for lunches this week though.

Saladssalads - USE

Chicken “Noodle” Soup with red quinoa instead of noodles

Soup - USE

I will continue to plan out my workouts because luckily I workout early in the morning so it’s easier to control.

This weeks workouts:

  • Monday  – 2.5 mile sprints and Body Pump class
  • Tuesday – 5 mile hill workout
  • Wednesday – 2.5 mile sprints and Body Pump class
  • Thursday – 10 mile run (MP)
  • Friday – 2.5 mile sprints and Body Pump class
  • Saturday – Rest day
  • Sunday Long Run – 22 miles

I will have a new workout for Tuesday that includes some hills so check back for that!

Have you been doing your Sunday scheduling?

Have you been sticking too it?


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Scheduling Sunday

It’s Sunday again, how does it come so fast?!?!  Usually I get a little bit of Sunday night blues knowing another work week is coming.  It gets especially hard now that it’s tax season too. To combat the Sunday night blues I am making Sunday scheduling day to help ease the stress of the coming week.  I am scheduling dinner menus and workouts on Sunday so that i stay organized and keep myself accountable.  This afternoon Steve and I chopped vegetables for salads and discussed dinner ideas.  I wrote our dinner menu on our fridge dry erase board so that he can help with dinner if I stay late at work.  We even broke out our Kitchenaid Rotor slicer/shredder attachment to make chopping vegetables faster.  It worked perfectly for the carrots but not so well for celery and sweet peppers.

This weeks menu:

  • Sunday – leftovers
  • Monday – Chicken lasagna
  • Tuesday – Asparagus wrapped chicken
  • Wednesday – Hamburgers and homemade potato chips
  • Thursday – Cajun cod and red quinoa
  • Friday – Risotto with spinach and mushrooms
  • Saturday – Dinner out for my birthday!!

This weeks workouts:

  •  Sunday – Long run
  • Monday  – 2 mile sprints and Body Pump class
  • Tuesday – 5 mile run
  • Wednesday – 2 mile sprints and Body Pump class
  • Thursday – 5 mile run
  • Friday – 2 mile sprints and Body Pump class
  • Saturday – Long birthday run!!

The only sad part about my workout schedule is that spinning classes don’t really fit anymore due to busy season hours.  I LOVE spinning but with my limited available hours I have to make running my priority.  It’s okay though because I will focus on getting in the miles (which I have been really low on lately) and increasing my strength with Body Pump class.

Speaking of running, this morning I ran 17 miles…..ON THE treadmill.  Finally getting my long miles in!!  17 miles

I have really been struggling with getting past 8-11 miles on the treadmill so I’m super excited to get it in today.  I approached my run differently than I have in the past few weeks which I think contributed to higher miles on the treadmill. I slowed my pace a bit,  ran a 9/1 (ran 9 minutes and walked 1 minute), drank water at every walk break and then took 2 gels (one at 6 miles and one at 12).

 Montana huckleberry, for a gel is pretty good!gel

Some pictures of food prepping:  beef stew, salads, and chicken for lunchesmeal prep more chopped veggies Chopped peppersI also put together a chicken lasagna for tomorrow night’s dinner.  Just needs to be popped in the oven tomorrow for 3o minutes and dinner is ready.   I call this my clean out the fridge/pantry lasagna because I used some slightly unconventional ingredients to substitute for what I didn’t have and of course use up what we did have.

Canned tomatoes, Italian seasoning, chicken, minced garlic, salt and pepper in the blender tomato sauce

Using the KitchenAid attachment again to grate a bunch of cheese…..seriously what is lasagna without it?
cheese garter

Ready to go!chicken lasagna

What do you do on Sunday’s to prepare for the week? 

 What kitchen gadgets do you use to help you save time on food prep?

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My little helpers

Happy Sunday!

So due to the snow yesterday I did not go do spin class and Body Pump.  I just double checked my calendar and the last Body Pump class I took was last Tuesday, no wonder my arms feel like they are going to fall off.

This morning I ran 12 miles on the treadmill.  My overall pace (9:39) was slower than last week’s long run (9:24) which surprised me since I didn’t feel like I was taking it easier but the numbers don’t lie.  The time on this treadmill only goes to 99:59 and it took me an hour and 55 minutes to do the 12 miles so it had to restart the time which is why is shows only 15 minutes on the machine.  That or I ran really really fast. Not this time….maybe next  😉

I used a note app in my phone to record my starting MPH (pace) for each mile so that next week I can make sure I increase each mile and the overall pace is higher as well.  They are decent negative splits but I am still starting too slow which is really bringing down my overall pace.  For my long runs on the treadmill, I am sticking with a run/walk (run .9/walk .1) for each mile and increasing the MPH by .1 each quarter of a mile.  This strategy really helps me stay focused while doing long runs on the treadmill because I am pushing a button every few minutes and have a quick walk break to break up the monotony.

After my run I came home and had some leftovers for lunch and then did some cleaning.  Of course my best helpers were hard at work too….NOT!  Doing what they do best – sleeping.

Since I work a 8-5 job Monday through Friday, I am somewhat of a weekend warrior which means I need to make the most of my extra time on the weekends.  I went to an hour cycle class followed by Body Pump this afternoon as well.  My favorite teacher was subbing the class today.  It was good because I really enjoy his class BUT after a 12 mile run my legs were tired so I knew I would be hurting after his class.  Body Pump was great too and I’m pretty sure I will be sore tomorrow.  Working hard!My Knee is still a bit sore from running on the hard treadmill so I iced it this evening after the gym classes.  Noah decided that I needed help with my icing….he’s such a sweet boy!

Thanks Noah it’s already feeling better!  Doesn’t he look cute in his bandanna? I found it while cleaning so the dogs got to sport them today.  All we did was tell them to sit so we could take a picture and they gave us a look like we just told them they would never have another bone…such silly dogs!  


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