5 Goals for June

It’s June already?!?!?!

Wow summer is almost here and we definitely had the summer heat this weekend in Boise.

Last week I mentioned starting each month with 5 goals to make the month healthier.  Here are my 5 goals for June:

  1. Walk dogs at least 1 mile everyday
  2. Have 1 meatless dinner a week
  3. Cut back on sugar
  4. Hike with backpacks once a week – to prep for more backpacking trips
  5. Complete every scheduled workout

Yesterday we took the dogs on a hike up Tablerock.  We took the longer route up for a total of 3,7 miles.  The dogs slept the entire afternoon afterwards too.
Tablerock hiking


Cross at the top of Tablerock.  It’s beautiful when all lit up at night.Tablerock cross

To kick off the month of June with a healthy start, I took a Body Pump class this morning.  

At the end of the month I will recap how I did on my goals and begin thinking about next months goals.

Question of the day:

What workout did you do today?


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Swimming time!

It was a beautiful evening last night so we decided to take a walk through campus to the river.  I saw this Boise “B” made out of flowers and just had to take a picture!  Such memories from strolling through the Boise State campus.  I really enjoyed my college days there.Boise B

The dogs went crazy when we asked “do you want to go swimming?”  It is there absolute favorite thing…besides eating.
Fun in the River

Found a “stick” to play a little fetch with.  Kenda goes a little crazy if we don’t start throwing something for her to retrieveBig stick

The dogs had a blast splashing around in the river and playing with the big branchIn the river

Then they were really tired (sorry for the blurry picture, was trying to take a picture while Steve was driving) Tired puppy

While walking last night we discussed summer plans and other fitness goals.  Both of us our trying to get our workout routines hammered out and this morning we discussed ideas on how to add more protein, fiber and healthy carbs to our diets.  This got me thinking, with June right around the corner, I am going to start each month with 5 goals to help steer us towards overall healthier eating and living.  I want to make sure to discuss ideas with Steve because it’s so much easier to be success working together and making sure we are on the same page to support eachother.  I will have our 5 goals for the month of June on Monday.

Question of the day:

What would one of your goals be?


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