My Race Day Essentials!

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A few weeks ago, I ran the Run 4 Luv Half Marathon, check out my post here.  Prepping for that race got me thinking and sharing how to prep for your first race, your big race or just making sure you don’t forget anything.

  • Hydration – I always drink coffee the morning of a race (or any morning) but since this last race was later in the day, I managed to drink about half of my Gatorade before the race.  Drinking water, Nuun, Gatorade or any other liquids the days before and the day of is essential to keep dehydration at bay.


  • Pre-run food (meal) – Everyone is different so I definitely suggest trying out options on your training runs.  A bagel with peanut butter and slices of banana is one of my go-tos.  I would suggest a bagel, english muffin, banana, toast or oatmeal.  It’s all about seeing what works for you.  Please don’t try anything new on race day though!  Nerves are already up (I still yet butterflies) so you don’t need a food that doesn’t agree with you sending you running to the porta potty.


  • GPS Watch – This isn’t a must have but my running watch is a must for me on runs.  I have the TomTom Multi Sport watch and you can see my review here.   Whatever watch you choose just make sure it’s charged up the night before so it doesn’t die on you during the race.


  • Anti-chafe – I love the Body Glide anti-chafe stick.  I actually didn’t start using this stuff until just over aa year ago when we went to the Caribbean.  I was concerned about the humidity and chaffing so I picked so up.  Now I use it all the time especially

Anti chafe

  • Headphones – Music is a must for me during a race.  I set a whole half marathon playlist that I try to only listen to on long training runs and during the half marathon.  This is another one about preference but it’s something I prefer to have during my run.


  • Nutrition on the run – I’ve tried a few different options for fueling during a long run.  From gel, GU, Shot Bloks and swedish fish.  I love swedish fish during training runs but that’s because I run slower and sometimes take a walk breaks.  My favorite is this Salted Caramel GU.


  • Fuel Belt – I like this FlipBelt to hold a GU and my phone so that I can have my music.  This one is nice and thin so that it doesn’t add weight.

Flip Belt

  • Proper clothing – Always check the weather and try to under dress a little lighter.  You can also do layers that can be removed as you warm up.  In the past, I’ve overdressed and get overheated and usually slow down.  Now, I try to wear a tank top and shorts.


  • Support crew – This isn’t a requirement but a support crew including spouses, friends and puppies are definitely the best!


  • Reward yourself – At the end of the race, no matter how it went, give yourself a pat on the back.  Make sure you hydrate, stretch and refuel!

After the race

What would you add?


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