Keep on walking

Hi there!

Whew this week is flying by so quickly.  We have had smoke in the air since Sunday night so we have been limiting time outside but the dogs really wanted to go for a walk last night so I took them.  Oh boy there were happy!Dog Walk

I was rushing since they got so excited so I quickly grabbed my Orangetheory Fitness sunglasses so of course I needed a selfie to show them off.OTF Glasses

You can see the smoke plume just beyond the foothills….so sad that it was human caused and burning close to 3,000 acres.  Fire

After the dogs and I got home, Steve and I started putting up the new curtain rod and drapes in our dining room.  We also hung the light fixture that we picked up at IKEA while in Salt Lake City.  Love, love, love it!New Dining Room

It was a busy day yesterday so I was definitely ready for bed once I swept up the floor.  This morning came fast so I hand some coffee then jumped on my bike trainer for a 45 minute ride. Indoor RideThen I quickly had some granola and raisin bran cereal.  I usually have a smoothie for breakfast was craving food so I made a smoothie to take to work for lunch.

I’ve been trying to really make sure to drink lots of water with all the smoke in the air in addition to it getting close to “sick season” where everyone seems to get sick from the weather changes.  Drink up!Water Bottle

Then had a Shakeology Greenberry shake for lunch.  My schedule has been all over the place lately so having a shake makes it easy to have lunch without caving to buy a sandwich next door.

Today the owner of Backcountry Bar came into our preview center and gave us a few bars to try.  I was excited to try it out around 3pm since I had a 7 mile run at 5:30pm.  The bar was good and held me over during my run.  I ate half before the run and half after the run.Backcountry BarNow I’m finishing up this post in bed and about ready to turn out the lights.  Hope you had a great productive day too! Signature

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Dinner, Movie and a Fire….perfect night

Happy Saturday!

This week has actually flown by! It’s good and bad since I am definitely ready for the weekend but I don’t want the holiday season to fly by too fast (although it always does).

Let’s see, well Thursday night I went to spin class and it was really good. A good teacher can really motivate me to work harder. I got there early so I started spinning to try and get in some extra miles before class started. By the end I only had 22 miles which is a lot but I had hoped to be closer to 25 miles. We stand a lot on the bike during this particular teacher’s class and that means the resistance must be higher. A higher resistance means you can’t spin as fast and less miles. A higher resistance also builds more muscle which is another reason why I like his class. My next goal is now to add another mile or too during his class to keep the workout hard.

After class, I came home and had some Salsa Chicken Soup and salad with Steve. It turned out pretty good although I had to tweak it a bit since I didn’t have all of the ingredients. I used a can of diced tomatoes and some taco seasoning since we only had a few tablespoons of salsa rather than a full jar that the recipe called for.  Also I think I may have used a bit too much cumin and it needed more taco seasoning. Overall it was a good recipe and I would make again.

It was another freezing COLD night so unfortunately we didn’t walk the dogs so we played some more fetch in the house. *Note to self….stick with soft toys because we almost took out the TV last night with the ball….oops!

Friday morning I ran 7 miles on the treadmill. I got my overall pace down to 9:13 although my goal was 8:30. My left knee started bothering me after Sunday’s long run so I decided to not push it too hard. I know my knee is hurting from running on the treadmill because it’s old and doesn’t offer much support but it’s all I have right now so it will have to do. I plan to ice my knee this evening too.

It was a whooping 37 degrees at lunch time yesterday so I took advantage of the “warm up” to take the dogs on a walk. They loved it!

Steve and I had planned to run last night but we both after it took over an hour to drive to the store and home we both were just ready for dinner and the couch.

I made homemade pizza dough a few weeks ago and put the extra dough in the freezer so I pulled out some earlier this week. I “hand rolled” the dough (because we don’t have a rolling pin) and then baked the dough for 7 minutes. I then topped it with some pasta sauce and mozzarella and baked it for another 7 minutes. Then added some fresh basil and baked for another minute or so. It was yummy!

Steve building us a fire.  We love our fireplace on a chilly winter night.

Noah enjoying the fire.

Kenda enjoying the heat from the fire too.  They both curled up in front of the fire later too.

We enjoyed dinner by the fire while watching the cartoon version of The Hobbit. I used to watch that cartoon all the time when I was a kid. We went and watched the first part of The Hobbit trilogy last winter although we did not realize it was going to be a trilogy so we all VERY disappointed when it ended after 3 hours and it was only a third of the way through the story. I just don’t understand why movies keep getting longer and longer. I don’t mind watching a longer movie at home but when you are stuck in a theater chair for that long my rear end starts going numb and I get bored.

What do you think of all the trilogy movies? Yay or nay?

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