Famous Potato Half Marathon Recap

I’m in Boise, Idaho so of course we have a race called the Famous Potato!  It’s put on year by the YMCA and it’s a popular fun Spring race.

I left the house around 5:40am to head to the finish line area.  The half marathoner’s and marathoner’s take a shuttle to the starting line at Lucky Peak Reservoir then we run back towards town.  The finish line is at Ann Morrison Park right near downtown Boise. Start line

I wore my BAR (Boise Area Runners) tank and shorts because the weather was going to be hot.  Both the marathoners and half marathoners start at 7am and although it’s usually cold and windy at the start line, it was 73 degrees when I left the house so it was actually muggy and hot.  I’m glad it was overcast otherwise it would have been much hotter out.

The race goes along the river on the Greenbelt and it’s a nice gradual downhill the first several miles.  I actually love races where I am surrounded by lots of people because I really feed off all of the energy and it helps me keep a faster pace.

Getting close to the finish line is always great but since I know this area of the Greenbelt really well I start repeating my “finish line mantra” to speed up at the end.  I also love hearing the music and crowd as I get closer to the finish line, it pumps me up to sprint! Medal

Finisher’s baked potato.  Unfortunately it wasn’t fully baked so it was cold and hard which was a bummer.Potato

Finisher’s T-shirt, always has a baked potato on it.  I’m glad this year they had men’s and women’s sizes this year instead of unisex.ShirtI finished in 2:05 which is slower than my usual half marathon time but I used the race more as a training run.  Overall it was a fun day and great race.

Question of the day:

Did you have a race or long training run this weekend?


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Fitness Friday

Hi there and happy Friday!

I’m super excited that’s it’s Friday and tomorrow is one of my favorite half marathons.  The Famous Idaho Potato!  I am running the half marathon which starts at Lucky Peak Reservoir.  The finish is at Ann Morrison park so all the runner’s get shuttled up the the Reservoir and run back down to town.  More on that race later!

Last weekend we started off by hiking to our camp site at Loon Lake.  

Saturday: 3.7 mile hike from camp then 4.7 mile hike back to the car. sign USE

me hiking 1 USE

Sunday: 4.3 mile evening walk on the Greenbelt evening walk USE

Monday: 4.25 mile run 
shoes USE

Tuesday: 4.8 mile run after work & 3 mile dog walk heading out USE

run 5.26 USE

Kenda hot and tired after the walk.  Her favorite spot if laying on the vent to get the cold air blown on her.
kenda USE

Wednesday: 6am Body Pump class & 4 mile run after work

Thursday: 5.5 mile morning run

Friday: 6am Body Pump class

Now time to carb up for the Famous Potato half marathon tomorrow! potato

Question of the day:

What is your favorite way to make potatoes?


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