Wedding Wednesday 2/19

Hey there!

This morning I was all psyched up for body pump but it was cancelled.  Bummer!!  I guess they posted it on FB last night but I missed it.  So I did my 20 minute sprint workout at an overall pace of 7:38 for a total of 2.62 miles.  TM - USE

My goal is to run 3 miles in the 20 minutes.  I hope to meet that goal my the end of March.  I will have to shave off another minute per mile for an overall pace of 6:40.  For me that’s really fast.

Since body pump was cancelled I decided to do the elliptical for 30 minutes because I didn’t want to log extra miles running.  I’m trying to really stick to plan to avoid injury and running burnout.  Elliptical - USE

I wasn’t super hungry this morning so I had some Almond Dream yogurt and lots of coffee for breakfast.  yogurt - USE Coffee - USE

By 11ish I was very hungry so had some salad and chicken quinoa soup….sorry no picture because I ate it too fast…..

Then had some trail mix for an afternoon snack and a small chocolate fix.  The chocolate chips in it are a life saver sometimes!  Trail Mix - USE

For dinner I ordered a “salad” through work since I was staying late.  It’s very nice that work orders dinners for us so that we don’t have to take time to go get something or have to pack both lunch and dinner but will they ever get mine right?   Here’s what I got…. Dinner - USE

The place is similar to Chipotle and they gave me a bowl with chicken and rice.  No salad or veggies.  What the heck.  I don’t think they have got my dinner order at work right once yet in two weeks but this one takes the cake.  Who confuses rice for lettuce?  Oh well I ate the chicken and will have more veggies tomorrow.

Wedding Wednesday will have to be postposed.  I had no time to research any wedding tips and I made no progress this week myself.  Stay tuned though for next week!

Question(s) of the Day:

What do you do to keep organized when work/life gets so busy?

Thanks for reading!


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Christmas has gone to the dogs

Hey There!

So Monday seemed to drag a bit but Tuesday is already done now too!  Closer to the weekend and I’m really looking forward to it.  We are going up to Steve’s parent’s house for the long Christmas weekend and of course the dogs are coming with us.  They LOVE it there (almost more than us….just kidding!!)  His parents have a wonderful large backyard that the dogs just love.  From the moment we arrive to the moment we leave, they (especially Noah) sit by the backdoor and windows wanting to go outside.  The only time they are not there they are passed out on the couch from too much ball fetching outside.  There should be a good amount of snow so it’s a double treat for them.

We also need to get the dogs some new toys for Christmas.  Last night I found a squeeker on the floor that should be inside of their toy and they all seem to be losing their fluff.  We washed them because they were smelling bad but I think that pushed them over the edge, time for Squirelly 3.0 (Kenda loves her squirrel so a new one will be her third).  Sometimes she even brings Squirrelly to bed.

Noah’s favorite toy is this silly looking green ball that has feet.  He found one while we were at the dog park in Chicago and absolutely loved it so we had to buy him one of his own.  Sadly his is losing a foot….

Although he is a funny guy and loves anything soft and fluffy.  Like this…. ummm yes it is a neck pillow.  Noah went crazy when Steve bought it for his last long flight.  Like he has no over toys.Or this….

My favorite was when I lived in downtown Chicago and we would walk the dogs down Michigan Ave (the Magnificent Mile) and Noah would literally window shop.  No joke!  We would be strolling along and if something soft and fluffy was in the window he would stop to check it out.  He would also get very excited seeing a stuffed animal in a stroller with a child although some parents thought he was looking at their kids.  Sorry parents he only wants to chew on the toy not your child…I promise!  That is not Noah (we never got a picture) but he did stare at toys like this pup.

Unfortunately the window shopping in the town we live in now is not as exciting as the Magnificent Mile in Chicago but there are other options.  Have any of you heard of BarkBox?  I just recently heard about it and seems like such a great idea!  After washing the dog’s toys and seeing how happy they were (so nice and fluffy they must of thought they were new) it would be great to get a new fun box filled with toys and treats for them each month.

I know Noah would love this soft and cuddly toy! 

Yesterday I was pretty sore and tired from my hard Sunday workout so I took it a little easier and did the elliptical for 45 minutes last night.  I warmed up for 5 minutes on it then did “sprint” repeats which consisted of 30 seconds as fast as I could go on it while maintaining control followed by 90 seconds working recovery.  I continued repeating 30/90 for the full 40 minutes and used the RPMs on the machine to track how hard I was working.  It still gave me a really good workout yet it was easier on my knees after my long run on Sunday.  I completed 4.35 miles in the 45 minutes.

Since we are leaving for the long weekend, I am getting creative with the food we have in the fridge and pantry so that I don’t go grocery shopping before we leave.  Although Steve seems to think otherwise….out of beer and it’s Monday night football?  Noooooo!

We made tacos for dinner and added onions and mushrooms to the ground turkey for extra veggies and to use them up!  We also reserved some of the ground turkey mixture to make some chili.  Steve has a really good chili recipe that we will make another time because we were out of some essential ingredients for it…..Guiness! Oh and steak but the Guiness was the more important missing ingredient so I loosely followed his recipe using the spices it called for plus canned beans and tomatoes that we had in the pantry.  

This morning I woke up (really easily I might add) at 5am to go to spin class at the gym.  I had some coffee and a slice of Banana Protein Bread (this one tastes good but its super crumbly, I will share a recipe once I get a better result) while I watched the news and got ready for class.  

I rode 22 miles in 58 minutes during class this morning.  Not a bad way to start the day at all.  I was much more awake this morning and in a great mood (the workout or Christmas break coming soon?….both!).   

It was snowing huge wet flakes when I went home for lunch and since it was slightly warmer out as well it was a wet mess outside.  Unfortunately that meant no walk for the dogs besides going down to check the mail.  Even after that short walk we came back with some pretty wet feet. Checked on the chili at lunch as well, looking good can’t wait for dinner tonight.  

Body pump class was great this evening!  I increased the weight for my back, biceps, squats and lunges tonight too.  I can really feel the increase in my “jello feeling” arms now.

Baked sweet potato topped with chili and sour cream for dinner tonight.  

 Are you getting your dogs anything for Christmas?

Have you tried out Bark Box?

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