Wow where did summer go?


Oh yeah, we moved from Illinois back to Boise, Idaho, stayed in rental, bought a house, got married, bought a car and now we are finally trying to settle into normal life.  So many exciting times but I’m so excited to get back to routine and for the fall weather.  I just love the crisp evenings and pumpkin season is the best!

So speaking of routine, I have been having a very hard time getting up in the morning lately for a morning work.  What gives?  I am a morning person BTW.  Last night I set the coffee pot on auto for 5am and set my alarm for the same.  At 4:45am I woke up on my own was tired but forced myself up.  Once I fed the dogs, had some coffee and watched the news for a few minutes I was ready for my workout.

I went to the small gym at our community center thinking it would save time and gas but I was not impressed with the equipment (especially the treadmills) so I opted to give my joints a break and did the elliptical for 45 minutes.  It was so nice to be ahead of the game this morning and not rushing like usual.

Tomorrow I plan to put on my headlight and run with the dogs for 3 miles.  It’s still been too hot for them in the evenings so they are having a hard time keeping up.

This morning, I had my usual oats, flaxseed, chia seed and added in some pumpkin and cinnamon….tis the season!  And of course lots of coffee!

Hope you have a great day!


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Treadmill Tuesday 2/18

Hi there!

It’s Treadmill Tuesday and I’m going to discuss hill workouts on the treadmill.  Now I used to love running the foothills in Boise, Idaho when I lived there.  Besides my friends there, that has to be what I miss the most about Boise.  It was a quick 10 minute drive from my house to Tablerock (pictured below) and you felt so far away.

Hiking with my good friend Kelsey and her dog last May.hiking TB - USE

Stopping at the top of Tablerock to enjoy the view before running back down.  My favorite part!  If you look closely you can see that Noah has his red hiking shoes on.  It’s the cutiest thing when the dogs wear those plus it protects their feet from sharp rocks and glass.  The shoes are Ruff Wear Grip Trex.  They. are. awesome!

HIKING TB 2 - USEUnfortunately where I live now is some of the flattest land ever so I have to run “hills” on the treadmill.  I was searching for some ideas which I posted links below but last night I created my own workout plan.  I thought I would finish it on the fly while running because I was so tired last night.  That didn’t quite work out like I had hoped but I did get to test out my idea.  I ran a total of 6 miles with an overall pace of 9:05.  I updated the workout today and I’m calling it a Rolling Hills Treadmill workout.  It has the same gist as the pyramid workout but instead of increasing pace we are increasing incline.  I think I will alternative this workout with the Pyramid each Tuesday for a few weeks.  I also plan to continue increasing the pace and incline to keep myself from hitting a plateau.  This workout works for my speed and ability at the moment.  Feel free to tailor it to meet your needs.Rolling Hills TM - USE

Other hill workouts:

Articles about hill running:

I read this article last week and thought I would share:

Keeping it Real

Question of the Day?

Do you live in an area you can run hills and if so have you tried them out?


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Idaho Trip Weekend Recap

Had a wonderful weekend in Idaho even though it was way to short!  We left home at 6am Friday morning to drive up to Chicago for my 10am flight. The weather was good and we made good time but it was sad saying goodbye to Steve and the dogs.  They continued north to Wisconsin to visit his parents.  Would have loved to join them but couldn’t wait to see my Mom.  I haven’t been to Idaho to see my patents since May 2013…..what?!?!?!? Way to long!

My plane came in late from its previous location so of course we were delayed big surprise Midway Airport.  Then I missed my connecting flight so ended up on the next flight which had a layover in Boise.  What luck except I wasn’t changing planes so had to stay on. I am not one that likes layover but the thought of being in Boise got me excited and wished I could have seen some friends.  Snapped a picture of Boise from the plane.  Aren’t the mountains beautiful?Foothills

Once I arrived in Spokane (closest airport to CD’A) I was tired and with the two hour time change it was still light out. We headed to my Uncle’s who let us stay at his place just across the border in Idaho.  My mom and I watched our cruise video from 2010 where we were on Celebrity for her birthday.  It was an amazing fun time and my Mom and I were even in a fashion show together.   So many fun memories and then we watched The Notebook (for a few before I fell asleep).

Popcorn present. Ohhhhh Yes!!!!! My Mom knows me well!popcorn

Present from my Uncle Jason……

This wine gave us the biggest sugar buzz….LOL
wine glasses

Saturday morning I overslept guess I needed it for all that travel. Then after chatting for awhile over coffee we headed to lunch….oops missed breakfasts (always happens when I am with my mom, we can talk forever).  She tempted me with a Monte Cristo at Beverly’s and I couldn’t resist. I absolutely love Monte Cristo’s. I would describe it but the picture says everything.  Try one!!

They started us off with a hot apple cider taster which was good.  It had a strong mulled spice to it.cider shots

Then some calamaricalamari

Lemon and raspberry martinidrinksAnd the star….the Monte Cristo!!  So good
Monte Cristo

The view from the 7th floor of the Coeur D’ Alene Resort.  So beautiful!  If you love mountains and water then you must visit Coeur D’ Alene, Idaho.  I love how outdoors and active you can be there which is really what I miss about living in the Northwest.
lake viewThen the waitress brought me a birthday surprise which was some vanilla ice cream in cotton candy. Sure haven’t seen that before.  The ice cream was good but wasn’t really feeling the cotton candy.
cotton candy dessert

We then headed up to Wallace, Idaho where my parents have a wonderful historic hotel called The Ryan Hotel.  They promptly checked me into the Owner’s Suite and made me feel right at home.  They have been working hard renovating the hotel for the last year and just started offering rooms last summer.   Of course since they are my parents I love all of the personal touches that remind me of home but any person traveling will enjoy the same.

The lobby area for checking incheck in deskCoffee and tea area for guests
main room

The Owner’s Suite living room firepalcefireplace

Another shot of the living room nice big couchliving roomBedroom of the Owner’s Suite
owners bedroomView from the living room….lightly snowing
mountain view

Another guest bedroom
guest room

Wallace, Idaho is a small town in North Idaho near the Montana border.  That area of Idaho used to be a very busy silver mining.  Some mining still goes on but the towns are much quieter and Wallace is reviving itself with some unique historic hotels and new restaurants.  They now have two brewery’s in town which is a pretty big deal with a population of 900+.   Wallace is also famous for being the setting for Dante’s Peak.  Unfortunately my parents didn’t live there when it was filmed otherwise you better believe I would have been there stalking Pierce Brosnan.  My Mom is always texting me saying they just saw a moose cross the streak or they are watching elk go up the mountain.   I like visiting but its a little too small town for me too be there very long but it they get more great restaurants I may change my mind.

Saturday evening we went to dinner at The Fainting Goat Wine Bar. I was blown away by the beautiful rustic yet modern atmosphere and they even had an enomatic (will explain below).Tim at restaurant menu

The locals (my parents) knew what to get….  my Mom started with a spinach, apple saladspinich salad

My Mom also ordered the flat bread.  OMG this was good!!  The white sauce was amazing.
flat pizza

My Dad got the special Pork Tenderloin (he is a meat and potatoes guy).  It came with a parsnip puree and he said it very good.
pork tenderloin

My Mom went with enomatic which had international red wines.  I have seen this machine once before in downtown Chicago.  It is a self serve wine dispenser.  You get a card, insert it into the machine, choose a wine then pick your serving.  You can pick a taste (1 oz) or a glass (4 oz) and it charges your card depending on the serving and type of wine.  I really like these because you can choose your own without having to listen to a wine pourer pitch about the wine.  Don’t get me wrong sometimes I like to chat with them but usually they get a bit over zealous.  Plus it’s really fun to pour your own!

My Mom picking out her wine
mom wine tastingI started with a Blood Orange Mimosa


And I decided to try something new and went with the Brussel Sprout salad.  It was good but I think too much brussel sprouts for me.brussel sprout

And the Steak Sliders.  Wow they had a ton of flavor and just love the presentation.  I wish I would have taken pictures of the restaurant. 
We met the chef, Steve who has even worked with Anthony Bourdain.  He was very nice and very talented.
Then of course we had to get some dessert.   We got the Cherry Chocolate Cheesecake.  It was tasty but a little too rich for me and I thought the chocolate overpowered the cheesecake.  I sure am spoiled when my fiance, Steve makes his excellent cheesecake at home for me.  We also got another dessert but sadly ate it before I got a picture.chocolate dessert

Then we headed back to the hotel where I got ready for bed.  I turned on my fireplace and the TV while I got ready for bed and flipped channels to realize that The Bachelor was on rerun!  I had wanted to watch this with my Mom So what luck except she had already gone to bed. I settled in on the couch debating whether yo watch or not then I heard. ..tap tap on the door. It was my mom wanting to hang out some more.  I didn’t waste a second inviting her in and catching her up on the show.

Sunday was the big day! The day I became Godmother to Jude.

He is the very handsome son of one of my dearest friends, Jaylene, so I was very excited.  Jaylene Jude and Me Godson

So adorable when they are sleeping

Later that afternoon we went to Azteca with my brother Luke. His birthday is right around the corner so we had a mini celebrations foe our birthdays. It was fun and they didn’t sing! We were dreading the hat and dance.  Mexican birthday dessert!mexican dessert

I had hoped to squeeze in a run but it just didn’t happen and my knee is feeling better so rest is helping. I will hit the gym when I get back though!

We went back to my Uncle’s condo and decided on watching Nine Months. Its an oldy but goody with Juianne Moore whom I love as an actress, what can I say I’m partial to redheads…LOL

Monday morning my mom and I got up and chatted over coffee for an hour per usual. Then realized we better get ready to go. I wanted to stop by REI to check out some Mizuno wave riders but unfortunately they didn’t have any Mizunos in stock. I looked at some clothes but they didn’t have they running tights I hoped to try on either…

Better luck next time.

Everything looked clear and on time for my flights so was glad about that until I arrived in Denver to learn my connecting flight was cancelled. Southwest Airlines! I’m done about to go with another airline!

I was able to make a later flight but I still have to another 2.5 hours to drive home after landing.   Thank goodness Steve I picked me up with the dogs because I was tired!

Such a fun trip!  Love visiting Idaho, my family and my friends!

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