Sunday Funday


Hi there!

It’s Sunday Funday and this weekend was a blast!  I’m chilling on the couch typing up this post and this was the first time I sat down today.  It was a good busy day and weekend.

To recap, Friday we picked up our rental mountain bikes then went home and had some leftovers.  We had planned to just just out the trails near our house but Steve’s bike had a flat tire and the spare we bought was the wrong size. We took the bikes back to the rental shop to have his fixed and then decided to go to the main trails since we now closer to downtown then our house.

We biked for about an hour and it was so much fun!  I was really afraid of this super narrow trail that had a steep drop off but I just walked my bike through it and loved all the rest.  My legs were sure tired after my 18 mile run Friday morning though!

Saturday morning  I was up early sipping coffee and then made healthy “egg mcmuffins” with a whole wheat english muffin, turkey bacon, egg whites and laughing cow cheese.  Yum!
Healthy Egg McMuffin

After filling up the bellies it was time to explore the trails which were just 2 miles away from our front door!  The area is part of the Oregon Trail Reserve.Mountain Biking

Enjoying the beautiful view.  Yes this is Idaho!  If you have never been, Boise has tumbleweeds and sage brush just like the desert areas.  It’s not what most people think of when they think of Idaho either.Boise View

About .25 mile into the trails, Steve got another flat!  He had a repair kit and the correct tube this time to replace it.
Flat Tire

Had to take a picture because the old tire was a Kenda tire!  Just like my dogs name.Kenda Tire

Selfie with the Boise River in the background.  I had never seen the river from above (besides while on a plane).
Selfie Time

Far in the distance is downtown Boise.  Yep it looks so far away but we are only 10-15 minutes from downtown depending on traffic.Downtown Boise View

View of the Boise River and Dam.Boise River Dam

After mountain biking for almost 2 hours we were ready for a little break and decided to go to the theater and watch Trainwreck. Trainwreck


It was a funny movie although it was grouped with Bridesmaids (which I can watch over and over again) and I don’t think I will need to watch it again.  But glad we went because I refueled on a bunch of popcorn!

Sunday morning, I was up earlier than I wanted to be but I was glad I had set the coffee maker to be ready for me when I got out of bed.

I sipped coffee with a slice of chocolate chip banana bread that I made Saturday.  Recipe coming soon!Pre-run BreakfastI then met up with my running group at 8:30am for a trail run in the foothills.  I ran 7.5 miles and was so glad it was a much cooler morning than usual because there is zero shade out there.  It was a great run and then per usual we met up at the coffee shop afterwards.

Then I stopped by work, went grocery shopping and got a meal prepped before having some dinner, whew!!!

Now time to relax a bit before the new week begins.  Have a good one!

What was your favorite part of the weekend?


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Playing in the doggie pool!

Hi there!

Happy Friday to you!

Since I have Fridays of during the summer, I took advantage of it by kicking off the weekend by getting in my long run.

To prep for the 18 mile run, I happily carbbed-up on a yummy burger and grilled squash and zucchini. Carbing Up Dinner

Also made sure to layout everything in preparation for the run.  I have forgot my watch for a race before and it drove me crazy to be without it so I made sure everything was charged up and ready to go.Long Run Supplies

There was a whole wheat bagel with peanut butter and jelly (my pre-race/ pre-long run fav) but I was starving when I woke up, so hence no picture…. I also had 2 cups of coffee while watching the news.  I need a good hour to wake up and be ready to go and run.  Coffee, the reason I get out of bed!Prerun Coffee

Within the first half mile, got to see a hot air balloon off in the distance.   Pretty cool to see while starting my run. Hot Air Balloon

Since today’s run was solo, I listened to music and tried to enjoy the scenery as much as I could too help keep my mind off counting the miles.  Saw some cattails near the park.

The Boise River, goes right through downtown and the Greenbelt running path goes along both sides of it.  River View

Although I have to say one of my favorites is seeing the giraffes at the Boise Zoo which is also right downtown.  They were out to say hello today, is it weird I always say hi to them?

Tablerock, with the Boise “B” which is right at the top of the hill in white.  I love hiking (and running) Tablerock too.Tablerock

Sunflowers, because they are pretty and I’m trying to stop and enjoy the roses (or sunflowers in this case) more.  Also I needed a walk break.Sunflowers

Why oh why did I plan my 18 mile run to have the last half mile being a hill?!?!?!?  Well, since I live up on that up and I ran from home today there wasn’t much choice.  Full disclosure, I walked up this hill.  Just glad I didn’t have to crawl at this point!Up hills

Phew! 18 miles in the books!  I had estimated 3.5 hours for the run and went over my 13 minutes due to extra walk breaks.  I kept myself in check by going slower and taking a walk break because the point of a long run is long and slow.  Get your feet, body and almost most importantly your mind used to running for that long.  Unfortunately our minds start giving up before our bodies usually so must stay strong and power through!18 Miles

My feet felt like they were on fire so I took off my socks and shoes and filled up the doggie pool to take a cold (not ice) bath.Coldwater Foot Bath

Kenda was wondering what I was doing in her pool…. Waiting for the Ball

Then she joined me to cool off too!  She is so silly! She is splashing around with her ball here.Splash Time

Just throw it already!Throw the Ball

Well now I am resting my feet while typing up this post but time too go make a protein recovery shake.

What are your weekend plans?Signature

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Swimming time!

It was a beautiful evening last night so we decided to take a walk through campus to the river.  I saw this Boise “B” made out of flowers and just had to take a picture!  Such memories from strolling through the Boise State campus.  I really enjoyed my college days there.Boise B

The dogs went crazy when we asked “do you want to go swimming?”  It is there absolute favorite thing…besides eating.
Fun in the River

Found a “stick” to play a little fetch with.  Kenda goes a little crazy if we don’t start throwing something for her to retrieveBig stick

The dogs had a blast splashing around in the river and playing with the big branchIn the river

Then they were really tired (sorry for the blurry picture, was trying to take a picture while Steve was driving) Tired puppy

While walking last night we discussed summer plans and other fitness goals.  Both of us our trying to get our workout routines hammered out and this morning we discussed ideas on how to add more protein, fiber and healthy carbs to our diets.  This got me thinking, with June right around the corner, I am going to start each month with 5 goals to help steer us towards overall healthier eating and living.  I want to make sure to discuss ideas with Steve because it’s so much easier to be success working together and making sure we are on the same page to support eachother.  I will have our 5 goals for the month of June on Monday.

Question of the day:

What would one of your goals be?


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