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Hey there!

I have started the week off right by NOT hitting snooze this morning, okay I did hit it twice but I set it about 10 minutes early for just that reason.  I checked the weather and turned on the fireplace because it was cold in the bedroom.  Go figure with sub-zero temperatures again!  weather - Use

I was not letting that stop me at all.  I was sore from my long run yesterday but I’m loving the results I am seeing from body pump classes so I don’t want to miss them at all (will post some pictures soon!)  I made sure to give the car plenty of time to warm up as well then went to the gym at 5am to do my 20 HIIT sprint workout before body pump class.  I did it at an overall pace of 7:49.  My goal this week is too keep my sprints overall pace just under 8:00 for this week and run them three times before body pump class.  I was so excited to see that pace after finishing my run.  I think these are so fitting……you can do anything you put your mind too just believe in yourself!!believejpg - USE you can do anythin - USE

Keep believing in yourself and maybe make it more enticing with a reward at the end of the week for sticking with your goals.  I used some rewards points that I received at work and purchased a pair of Under Armour Ladies Coldgear Fitted Tights as my reward for sticking with my training to a “T” for the last two weeks.  The forecast is also saying the temperatures will be in the 30’s this weekend (heat wave!) and my “treat” to myself is new running tights and hopefully running outside….at least soon!  Other good treat ideas would be a massage, pedicure or manicure and new workout clothes.  Better to treat yourself to something nice that won’t sabotage all your hard work.

What are some “treats” you give yourself for sticking to your workout plan?


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Trying to beat the winter blues

Hey there!

I hope everyone is surviving the arctic blast that is AGAIN hitting most of the country.  Brrrrrrr!  It’s been so cold that I kept hitting snooze on my alarm in the morning because the cold air makes my bed so much cozier.  I have been trying to think of ways to change that and get my motivation back.  The week started out good but that my workouts starting really slacking.  I am also starting the “busy season” because I am a tax accountant.  It’s a ROUGH time of year because I work more, sleep less and have much less time to workout.

This lack of motivation due to poor weather is not good especially since Monday January 6th started off my marathon training season!  Woo Hoo!  Fast forward a few weeks and now there are seventeen weeks until the Coeur D’ Alene Marathon!!  I have my long runs planned out in my training calendar.  I am still tweaking the other runs during the week and doing some research on the best plans.  Since I have only done one marathon before I am not looking for anything major but I want to NOT hit the wall so badly and finish under 4 hours.

To help get me through this winter weather and give me some motivation I read some of my Women’s Fitness RX magazines last night.  I like these magazines and they are not just for body builders because they have a lot more “real” workouts then some other women’s magazines.  As I was about to go to call it a night I came across an article on David Siik (online version).  I will modify these a bit to fit my needs but I like the general format for mixing up treadmill runs.  Here is a 20 minute HIIT (high intensity training) workout.  I did this workout twice tonight with a break in between to stretch and do some crunches on the ball.  20 Min HIIT.jpgIt was a tough workout for sure but I felt great after finishing.  Tomorrow I am going to spinning and Body Pump at the gym and then going to take another stab at paleo protein banana bread.  Hopefully this one turns out better than last time.  Stay tuned I will be posting pictures and my recipe!

Tomorrow is also an exciting day because it’s Steve’s birthday so we are going to dinner at his favorite restaurant.  Looking forward to a fun evening celebrating his birthday and also turning in his master’s thesis this week.  So proud of him!!!

bad-weather-motivational-poster - USEWinter Running Tips:

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Winter Training

If all else fails, keep running…..South!  Its much warmer down there!



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