TomTom Review: Not just for your car

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Today I’m sharing my love for the TomTom Multi-Sport watch.  No this is not a sponsored post.  Yes all the opinions and thoughts are my own.

I received this watch from Steve as an anniversary present several years ago.  He had originally been eyeing some earrings that he picked out for me but I politely declined and mentioned how much I had my sights of a GPS watch.  The weekend of our anniversary we were also doing a sprint triathlon together, perfect timing I would say!

I’ve never had a Garmin or any other sports watch for that matter so I can’t compare how this works with those.  Steve actually picked it out for me because all I knew was that I wanted a GPS watch and he does thorough researches of any tech products before they are allowed in our house.

It also came with a heart-rate monitor which I was super interested in until recently.  I’m sure you’ve noticed in previous posts that I’ve been using the heart-rate strap paired with the Polar Beat app a lot.  I love the recap the app gives but when you wear the watch with the strap it’s super easy to check your heart rate on the watch screen.

Since it is a multi-sport watch, let’s break it down by sport.

  • Swim:

The swim function allows you to input the length of the pool to count laps.  This feature is amazing!  Before having this watch I tried countless methods to try and count my laps while training.

Tomtom - swim

  • Bike:

I haven’t used the biking option much lately.  It comes equipped with a bike mount so that you don’t have to take your arms off the handlebars.  I used it during a sprint triathlon (as the watch not with the attachment) and it worked great.  It’s really easy to switch between the different sports on the go.  This picture shows the strap by itself.  I watch part can be taken out and used with the bike mount.


  • Run:

This is by far the most used area for me.  I feel lost, naked almost, running without my watch now.  Pace, average pace, heart rate, total miles, time.

Tomtom Run

There is also a feature to give you a goal max and min pace.  It buzzes you and shows arrows when you go outside of that desired range so that you know to either slow down or pick it up.

Run - arrow

  • Other:

Large display screen with easy to use buttons.  Although I must admit when I first had the watch I accidentally would push the left button which if pushed once pauses it but pushed again stops the workout.  I found it to be very frustrating because then I would have to restart it and my distance would be off.  It took several of these mishaps but I finally stopped doing that.

Overall I really like this watch and definitely recommend it, especially if you are interested in triathlons.

Do you use a multi-sport or running watch, if so which one do you use and why?


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