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My name is Sheena and I currently live in Boise, Idaho. I am from North Idaho and am a Boise State University alum, GO BRONCOS!

Kenda enjoying the view from my apartment in Chicago

My mom and I in Chicago


 Steve and I stopping for a picture while running along Lake Michigan – so beautiful!!

 I love Chi-Town but having our little family split up was hard to do so I am glad to be working in Champaign now.  We both extremely miss the West and hope to get back there soon once he finishes school.  Below is a picture from Tablerock in Boise, Idaho.

For my day job, I am a Certified Public Accountant with a focus on tax preparation for businesses and individuals.  As crazy as it sounds, I enjoy tax season.  The hours are long and work is nonstop but I do get in a good rhythm that works for me which always includes time to workout.  My passion outside of work is health and fitness.  I can spend hours researching training plans or looking for the “perfect” recipe.  I love to run, there are many reasons why: I enjoy the challenge, fitness, races, training, meeting running girlfriends (picture with Kelsey)  In 2013, I also got into triathlons.  Unfortunately I was much too ambitious and my first one ever was a Half Ironman (I know I know what was I thinking!!) but I redeemed myself with a sprint TRI and now I’m hooked.  I plan to add many more triathlons to my race calendar for 2017.

In the near future I plan to pursue a spinning instructor certification having loved spin classes almost as long as running.  Teachers can make or break or spin class and I’ve been taking good mental notes in order to be a good one I hope!

I also love to cook and bake!  When I was younger I thought I would become the next Martha Stewart….it’s all about presentation!  I love following recipes but I have also become pretty good at whipping up a great meal with an almost empty fridge.



Thanks for visiting!


My mom and I biking Hiawatha Trail, Wallace, ID

My mom and I biking Hiawatha Trail, Montana




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