Day in the Life…

Hey there!

So I thought it would be fun to share day in the life of a tax accountant.

5:00am Alarm goes off and I hit snooze

5:05am Second alarm goes off and I turn it off and read TheSkimm in my email to catch up on the news


5:10am Out of bed, dress for my run, feed the dogs, get some coffee

Breakfast Time

5:25am Leave for the gym

5:30am Start my run on the treadmill


6:30am Finish my run and head home

6:40am Make a protein shake and jump into the shower

Shake - USE

7:30am Leave for work

8:00am Turn on my computer, put my lunch in the fridge and make some coffee and then dive into tax returns.

Form 1065

9:00am Eat breakfast of usually

10:00am Fill waterbottle, add Emergen-C packet


12:00pm Heat up leftovers for lunch and refill my waterbottle

Leftovers for lunch

3:00pm Snack and refill my waterbottle

Think Thin bar

5:00pm Shut down my computer and head home

5:30pm Feed the dogs and change into comfy clothes

5:45pm Make dinner, then clean up and pack lunches for the next day

6:15pm Take the dogs for a walk

Dog walk

Dog Walk

7:00pm Do a quick house clean up, set the coffee pot for auto brew and (hopefully) do some blogging or TV watching before bed

8:30pm Bedtime!


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    • Sheena says:

      I would say I work out 90% of the time in the morning. It just helps ensure that it happens.

      I am all about the comfy clothes!

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