Workout Recap: Get those hills

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How were your workouts last week?  Mine were much better than the previous two weeks.  The week after the Run 4 Luvv half marathon was a definite recovery week.  The week after that was just, well, blah.  I think this was due to some burnout plus some post-race blues and I just didn’t have motivation.

Have you ever felt the post-race blues?  You training is on point and the race goes well and then what?  Well last week I got back on track and although my runs were slower than my peak weeks, it’s okay.


Weekly Workout Recap


Ran 2 treadmill miles @ 9:05 average pace

Body Pump class in the evening


Ran 6.5 treadmill miles @ 8:50 average pace


Rest day


Ran 7 treadmill miles @ 8:50 average pace


Ran 6 miles treadmill miles @ 9:13 average pace


Ran 6.5 miles treadmill miles @ 8:21 average pace


Ran 9.5 miles @ 9:25 average pace

This was a hilly long run workout which is why it was much slower.  I had run part of the route a little over a year ago during a Christmas race.  We had planned for 10 miles and this was what I mapped out beforehand.  Check out that elevation at the bottom!

Hilly run

What was your best workout last week?


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