Run 4 Luv Half Marathon Recap

Hi there!

So last weekend I ran the Run 4 Luv Half Marathon here in Boise.

I. PR’ed.And.It.Feels.So.Good!

I’ve been training really hard lately and I feel like it’s showing.

So anyways to the details of the race.  Packet pick-up was at the airport hotel which was totally not convient so I skipped it.

Unfortunately not being fully prepared made me a little uneasy.  Plus the 11am start time.  What the heck?  I consider 6:30am sleeping in.

I didn’t set an alarm since I knew I would be up much earlier than needed.  6am rolled around and I was wide awake but hey that’s sleeping in for me so I’ll take it.

Steve offered to drop me off at the race and then go to school while I ran.  We left about an hour early since I wanted to give time for packet pickup which took all of 30 seconds.  Definitely didn’t need to leave that early but I used the time to stretch and drink gaterade.  Two things I’m not good at before a race, stretching and hydrating.

At 5 to 11am, we started gathering at the start line where I checked my watch and started my music.


Mile 1: Went through the park and then had us cross over a bridge to the north side of the river.  I wanted to use the first mile to warm up and ease into my goal pace.

Miles 2 – 6.5: The course was an out and back and had aid stations every mile and a half.  The support on the course was great and since it was out and back, I knew where to expect the stations on the way back.

Miles 6.5 – 9: After making the sharp turn around to start heading back, I tried to pick up the speed a bit but it just didn’t happen.  I decided to just maintain for a bit and try again to get closer to goal pace.

Miles 9 – 11: The course was nice and flat except for the multiple bridges we crossed back and forth over the river.  I recall starting up the “hill” to climbing a bridge around mile 9 and the Spice Girls song Wannabe came on.  Yep I loved the Spice Girls back in the day and it’s a great upbeat song for running.

Yo, I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want,
So tell me what you want, what you really really want,

I started singing (in my head) “I wannabe done, really really done.”  Ha!  It entertained me for a few as I began realizing why I couldn’t speed up.  I felt good, nothing hurt but my legs just didn’t feel connected to my body anymore.  I sorta felt like I was floating and this disconnect made it feel like I didn’t have control of my legs.  I just kept running, maintaining in fear of slowing down.  I also kept watching 2 women ahead of me because if they started pulling away then I knew I had to pick it up.  Around this time my watch did buzz me a couple of times letting me know I went above my preset goal of slowest pace of 8:20.  It buzzes me and then shows an arrow pointing forward meaning speed up!  I had the fastest speed set at 6:00, it never buzzed me to slow down.  I also was able to pass one of the ladies that I had been following.

Mile 12: Only 1.1 miles to go!  Here was where I really should have increased my pace but unfortunately my watch buzzed and I dropped to a 8:30 pace.  I knew that area of the course so well.  Having run it many times before but all I could think about was being done.  I did realize that my Goal A of a 1:45 finish time was going to be missed but as long as I didn’t let the pace drop more I would hit Goal B of 1:50 finish time or under.

Run 4 Luv Race

Finish line: There was a turn to get to the finish line and once I saw several of my running group friends there cheering, I kicked it up and sprinted the best I could to cross the finish.

Here are my splits after uploading to Mapmyfitness.  I’m not sure what’s with mile 1, I’m pretty sure that I didn’t run a 10 minute mile.    My watch didn’t show that at the time.  I’m pretty happy with the rest of the splits though.

Distance Pace Elapsed Time
1.0 mi 10:18 min/mi 00:10:18
2.0 mi 08:13 min/mi 00:08:12
3.0 mi 08:14 min/mi 00:08:14
4.0 mi 08:04 min/mi 00:08:03
5.0 mi 08:11 min/mi 00:08:10
6.0 mi 08:22 min/mi 00:08:22
7.0 mi 08:19 min/mi 00:08:19
8.0 mi 08:15 min/mi 00:08:14
9.0 mi 08:25 min/mi 00:08:25
10.0 mi 08:28 min/mi 00:08:27
11.0 mi 08:19 min/mi 00:08:19
12.0 mi 08:23 min/mi 00:08:22
13.0 mi 08:32 min/mi 00:08:31
13.0 mi 06:49 min/mi 00:00:20

Overall it was a nice small race with good support.  I defiitely plan on doing it again next year and maybe that will be my year to be on the podium!  I was the 5th female overall so pretty close!


Next Up….

  • 5/21: Famous Potato Half Marathon
  • 6/18: River of No Return 25k
  • 8/21 Xterra Wild Ride Off-Road Triathlon


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    • Sheena says:

      It’s beautiful Diana! You should definitely visit. I love Boise for the beautiful foothills and warmer temps than most of Idaho.

  1. Amanda @ Exploring Life & Things says:

    Congrats on a great race AND a PR! That’s awesome! The 11am start times are strange, I agree. I’ve ran a few half that start at 11 and the only reason I liked it was because it was out of town and gave us time to get there and not have to leave the night before haha.

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