Weekend Recap: Kitchen ideas?

Good Monday Morning!

How was your last weekend of February?  I’m excited because March is tomorrow which means it’s that much closer to April 15th and the end of tax season.  Woo hoo!  Anyways on to the weekend.

Friday Night:

It was a long week and I was extremely ready for some time just relaxing on the couch.  I work Saturdays now (not all day) but I still like to let my hair down and get crazy Friday nights.  That’s exactly how things went down.  I changed into my comfy clothes, made hummus while Steve prepared a veggie flatbread style pizza.  Ha!


Friday night pizza

Steve challenged me a some Scrabble Blitz after dinner and I gladly accepted.  It’s actually an app on our phones that we use Chomecast to cast it onto the TV.  I was tired so he thought he had a chance but alas I won.  Next time loser buys ice cream!  Wink wink 😉




Began with a 6.5 mile run on the treadmill after sleeping in until 5:30am.   Clearly needed it after the party on Friday night.


We then headed to work.  Steve dropped off at the office and then he went to school.  I worked a few hours and then he picked me up to go shopping for countertops.  We started our kitchen reno last September and did some more work in December.  You can check those out here and here.


We also stopped at Cafe Ole where I had some amazing fish tacos.

Fish tacos

Unfortunately countertop shopping didn’t go as well as planned but we had massage appointments at 3:30pm (a gift from my parents) so our quartz countertop worries were eased for a bit…




Long run time!  Didn’t have time on Saturday so my friend, Janelle and I planned one for Sunday.  I used Mapmyfitness.com to map our route which was mainly road due to the recent rain and muddy trails.   I recently signed up a half marathon that is 8 miles up hill then 5.1 miles downhill.  Yes you read that right, 8 miles up hill.  I did that race for the first time last year and it was TOUGH.  It took me 2:40 and this year I definitely want a better time.

Hilly run

We definitely got our monies worth hill wise for that run!  It was challenging but I know that strengthening my quads and calves during hill training is so important.

After our run we stopped by Whole Foods for some coffee and pumpkin chocolate chip muffins.  Janelle started talking about those muffins on the final downhill and I was so excited to find out there were pumpkin muffins available.

Pumpkin Chocolate chip muffin

A hot shower was in order after getting home.  Then it was time for some (dare I say) Spring cleaning.  It was beautiful outside so I opened all of those windows to get some fresh air circulating while I vacuumed, dusted, cleaned the bathrooms and did a bunch of laundry. Woo!

The house smells so fresh and so clean, clean!

We then took in some more of the beautiful Spring like weather with a nice long dog walk.  The dogs are now tuckered out and sleeping away while I type this up.

Now it’s red carpet Oscar time!  My favorite part of award shows is always the red carpet and seeing all of the fashion.

Red carpet, yay or nay ?


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