Before and After: Microwave

Hey there!

Hope your Christmas week is going well.  Today, I want to share our little kitchen renovation that we completed a couple week’s ago.


It all started with our regular microwave dying during the week.  Steve and I had discussed getting a microwave for the over the stove before so when we were forced to buy a new one, that’s what we got.


Friday nights are usually reserved for pizza and a movie to just relax on the couch after a busy week.  So if you look in the oven of our before picture below you will see a pizza in the often.





Safety Dog


Also notice that terrible tile, definitely not sad to see that go.


Good-bye Tile


After we removed the tile, we realized that the drywall was very loose in that area above the stove.  With all the HGTV shows we watch about terrible DIY jobs that people do (especially hidden behind walls) so we decided to take that portion of drywall out and fix it.


The hole


The tool man!

The tool man


Friday night was all demo which meant we had to repair on Saturday before even installing the microwave.  Steve did a great job putting in a new piece of drywall.  A little hint, we watched several uTube videos about patching a drywall hole before attempting it ourselves.  In the videos they told us about all the needed materials and gave great visuals on how-to’s.  It was so helpful to see what to expect.


Dry wall up

Two layers of quick drying mud later….

Mud on drywall


Next was time to adjust the vent since it now needed to be much shorter.


Vent pipe


Drumroll please!  The final product!  The cupboards are back up and the new over-the-stove microwave is installed.  We had some additional unexpected work but we are so glad we did it right and repaired the drywall.  Also just a note, we have plans to paint the cupboards, install a new countertop, paint and put in a new backsplash.  We are working on our plans and putting it together one piece at a time.  Stayed tuned for updates!


All done


Question of the day:

Do you like DIY?  If so what type of projects?


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  1. Taylor says:

    Looks great! My husband is super handy and we did quite a few projects in our last house (new hardwood floors, stained/painted tile around our fireplace, and built a new stone patio in our backyard). Our new house was built in the last 7 years so there are no projects for us to do… this makes me REALLY happy, but my husband.. he just loves DIY projects… I am putting him on the task to build me a new farmhouse dining room table next!

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