Princess Leia and Pumpkin Carving

Hey there!

It’s the last Monday of October, wow this month has gone by fast!  Do you have your Halloween costume picked out? After dinner on Friday we popped into a Halloween store and I tried on a costume but more on that in a sec.

Thursday night I hosted a little girls night get together and had fun making us some healthy treats.

Teas, cocoa and cider assortmentTea
Veggie tray with homemade Pumpkin HummusVeggies
Blue chips and salsaSalsa

Friday evening we went out to dinner to Fujiyama which is our favorite hidden gem sushi place.  They are located in a strip mall so the location is odd but the service is fantastic and sushi is ah-mazing!

Love boat

 Princess Leia, she is?Princess

I didn’t buy the outfit but thought it was funny.

Saturday I woke up feeling pretty crumy so I didn’t make the group run that I had planned to join.  We went to a Home Show then I came home had some Turkey Meatball Soup and took a nap.


We then went to a friends house for her annual potluck and pumpkin carving.  I still wasn’t feeling great but we had fun and got our pumpkins carved.


Mine is the third from the left which I free-hand drew and then carved.  Steve’s is the forth from the left and I drew his too.  Not too shabby, huh?


Sunday morning I ran with my running group, had coffee with them afterwards then came home to work on some blog stuff and watched football all afternoon.  It was a great mix a fun with friends and relaxing home time.

Have a great rest of the day!

Do you carve pumpkins each year? Signature

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    • Sheena says:

      Thanks! Yes I loved art class when I was younger. I’ve even painted most of the art work in our home. Simple smiley faces are great too!

    • Sheena says:

      Never? Well time is running out for this year but maybe next year for you? It’s a lot of fun especially with some friends like we did or of course with kids.

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