Restful weekend

Hi there!

How was your weekend?

Mine started started and I really wasn’t in the right place emotionally.  I was sad about my rib injury from the prior weekend mountain biking crash.  I knew that an attitude like that would only make it worse so I tried my best to enjoy some other activities.

Friday night went to Art in the Park

Food Truck!
Food Truck

General Chicken bowl.  Steve and I shared it and it was super good.General Chicken

Saturday was spent resting so that I wouldn’t aggravate my rib injury.  I took an epsom salt bath which I think really helped so I will be doing that again.

Espom SaltWorked on my resume and did lots of blog reading.  Then Steve and I went to a local showroom to get some ideas for countertops.  Last Monday (Labor Day) we started taking apart the kitchen so now we are trying to decide how to put it back together.  Sorta the opposite of how you should do it, right?  Yep, that’s how we roll.  The great thing about Steve and I is that we are soooo on the same page design wise.  We both loved the same countertop look and colors/styles for the cabinets.  It really helps to agree on big decisions like that.

Here is our kitchen – BEFORE

You can see on the left handside of the picture where we already started some demo.  I have painted a cupboard door white and hung up some wall paint color ideas. Kitchen - before

Still working on the details but I love having options in the kitchen to visually see if we like them or not.  We are also working on the main bathroom which will be a much smaller upgrade.

Here is our guest bathroom – BEFORE Bath beforeAs you can see, I’m not good at taking true “before” pictures because I usually get so excited and get started first.  We have lots more projects on the list!

What did you do to rest up this weekend?

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    • Sheena says:

      Thanks! It is helping to keep my mind off my injuries. It’s fun to look up kitchen ideas online and I can do that while injured.

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